Time to worry

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece suggesting caution to those who wished Arsene Wenger to step down from his post as Arsenal manager.

I stand by the point I made then: in this situation is too rash of a decision to let a man who is so involved and part of the fabric at the club at this stage of the season.

Worrylying, though, I am becoming more and more convinced that when the Frenchman reviews his situation at the end of the season, he will now decide that is enough is enough and the will have come for him to step down.

Wenger is now 63 and has been in charge of Arsenal for 16 years. He carries the look now, moreso than ever, of a man who is really feeling the pressure of the most difficult and testing period of his time at Arsenal.

The fans are unhappy and disgruntled with how the club is run and, now, the team’s performances on the pitch have compounded the situation for Wenger. If Arsenal end this season trophy less and out of the four than the calls for Wenger to step down will be a roar and retirement will look like an extremely attractive option for the manager.

As an Arsenal fan I am disappointed at the apparent lack of motivation amongst the players and it is down to the manager to provide this and if Wenger cannot do this anymore than a fresh approach is needed.

Reliving Wenger of his duties mid-season, however, is not the right decision but unless there is serious investment in squad during January and a very good second half of the season then the great man may very well leave the task of Arsenal’s renaissance to someone else.

Jerry van Wav

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