Would selling Arsenal really help?

There has been undertones of whether Stan Kroenke will finally give into the pressure of fans at the Emirates and sell the club.

The Russian has made significant profits from Arsenal and should a sizeable offer of £1.5bn come in he may decide to alors en dance and let his prized asset go.

Would this really help the situation? I am not convinced it would. The model at Arsenal is a business model which is clearly working off the pitch.

The fans may be deluded into believing that a new owner would bring in an abundance of spending power in the transfer market and trophies once more, but this is not guaranteed?

If we are to assume that Arsenal did suddenly have the power to match the powerbrokers in European football, chasing stellar names doesn’t always achieve instant success, Eden Hazard is proof of that.

Arsene Wenger has for sure hit a crossroads where he may have finally reached his full potential and may have to move up to the boardroom, but this does not mean the whole structure is wrong.

A few minor tweaks in the transfer policy and the Gunners can challenge again. If Arsenal went for broke next transfer window they already have the foundations for success.

Isn’t the real issue that they have hit a yellow brick road in that they can’t keep hold of their stars in the first place?

So regardless of the outcome shouldn’t Arsenal supporters see that lessons are being learn’t. Wilshere and Walcott are tied to long term deals and if the playing personnel can revive former glories, the silent owner can stay unspoken after all.

There is the temptation to overlook the good aspects as Wenger’s life is a highway code driving them round the bend at the moment, and in spite of the north London derby loss yesterday, all is not lost in the long term.

Grant Miles

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