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Thursday brings day four
of the Gunners Town Awards week. On Monday we named our Player of the Season. Tuesday
crowned our Most Improved player while yesterday saw us choose our favourite
goal from the season.

award is the Home Performance of the Season and there is nothing better than
losing your voice, energy and feeling at the Emirates with 60,000 other Gooners
to celebrate a cracking result for the team. While there haven’t been too many
games since moving into our new (ish) home to remember, this campaign has
provided us with a number of game to go mental at.

with that in mind, think back to the game that has left you leaving the
Emirates totally exhausted but utterly delighted.

Matt Littlechild – 5-2
vs. Tottenham Hotspur

There weren’t a huge amount
of standout home performances at the Emirates Stadium this season, from what I
can remember. Our first home win of the season was a fantastic 6-1 win against
newly promoted Southampton, and the 7-3 win against Newcastle United is worth a
shout too. But the 5-2 win against Sp*rs back in November has to be it for me.
Adebayor gave Sp*rs an early lead, got hilariously sent off and then from there
it was one way traffic as Arsenal carved our noisy neighbours apart. With five
different goal scorers, including a first for popular center back Per
Mertesacker, any North London victory will always be a highlight of the season
for either set of supporters. The fact this was our second 5-2 victory of the
2012 calendar year made this one even better.

Batmandela – 1-1 vs.
Manchester United

Not an obvious choice – but boy, what a difference a point
can make! Freshly crowned Champions arrived at the Emirates and were given a
Guard of Honour. But that was the only time Arsenal showed them any respect. If
not for Sagna’s horrendous slip-up, we could easily have taken all 3 points in
a tough, hard-fought game. The entire team displayed elements of determination
and aggression that had been sorely lacking for the first-half of the season.
Suddenly they seemed like a team. Like a group of players that believed in
themselves. A team that earned the right to wear the badge.

Darren Wright – 5-2 vs.
Tottenham Hotspur

There is no doubt about this. The 5-2 win over them
lot, for the second year in a row, was not only hilarious but it made me
get the drunkest I’ve been all season. 

Steve Wellman – 3-1 vs. Norwich City

were poor for 75 minutes but with The Champions League slipping from view, the
boys scored 3 in the last 5 mins to perform an incredible turnaround and
prove they are a side with incredible spirit.

Chris Moar – 5-2 vs.
Tottenham Hotspur

I’ve got to go with the 5-2
against Spurs. Why not? Nothing is better than beating that lot, but beating
them 5-2 is just sensational. Everything about that day was brilliant. The
fluidity, the team finally beginning to click really showed with Santi’s

Ryan Baker – 4-1 vs.
Wigan Athletic

The penultimate game before the
end of the season. A must win. We started well and got the goal, but nerves
settled in and Wigan equalised just before half time. There was anxiety all
around the ground, but a superb second half performance from the boys saw us
eventually romp home to a 4-1 win.

Chris Mader – 3-1 vs.
Norwich City

Norwich. A match we seem to have lost and
turned it around in a heartbeat. It was some kind of catalyst for our strong
run in.

Michael Jeffares – 4-1
vs. Wigan Athletic

There aren’t many classics but
all things considered with what was riding on this game against the FA Cup
Winners it was probably the most pressure we’d played under all season and we
delivered. I didn’t pick the NLD because they had a man sent off and they are

Andy Wood – 5-1 vs. West
Ham United

A resounding victory over Big Sam and the game
where Podolski was MoTM for his 3 assists in 5 minutes & his non too shabby
goal as well.

Could have been 10-1 in all honesty.

Dave Seager – 5-2 vs.
Tottenham Hotspur

 I will go for the history
repeating 5-2 v Spurs. It has everything, drama, incident and great team goals

Anushree Nande – Take
your pick

The 5-2 vs Spurs, the 7-3 vs
Newcastle or the 5-1 vs West Ham are obvious choices but my home performance of
the year goes to the comeback 3-1 vs Norwich in April. It was a crucial stage
in the season with our top 4 position in the balance and a loss or even a draw
in this fixture could have set us back. But we got stuck in, didn’t give up and
scored 3 in the last 5 minutes.

Abayomi Aje – 5-1 vs.
West Ham United

The home match against Spurs was superb but I am
picking the home match
against West Ham as my best.

Gunners Town
Home Performance of the Season – 5-2 vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Do you agree? Let us know by
placing your vote below and then either leave us a comment or Tweet us saying which
match deserves the award. The best answers will be displayed in the reveal
piece next week.

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