VOTE: Which is the best Arsenal ‘Defining Moment’?

As I’m sure you’ll have been
aware, we’ve been running a fantastic ‘Defining Moments’ competition which has
given you the chance to win a superb Thierry Henry print courtesy of Matthew

We’ve been asking for you to send
in your own defining moments along with a  few words to explain why that picture is
special to you.

Thank you to all those who
entered, and we had some really top contributions.

In the end we had to narrow it
down to five, where Matt provides us with his take on the entries.

The winner will be decided by
voting in the poll below.

Here we go…

1. “The moment that changed the world.”

MS: To this day, I still marvel at the fact that we signed Dennis Bergkamp. An
experienced international, with his best years ahead of him; Arsenal didn’t
sign players like Bergkamp. I remember being giddy with excitement when I heard
the news. It was a bold statement of intent from a club that had been in slow
decline over the previous couple of seasons, and one that would prove key to
the phenomenal success Arsenal would go on to have over the next decade. And,
oh boy, what a joy to watch!

2. “Mr. Arsenal Soaks It Up”

MS: Tony Adams was my hero growing up. I had admired players before him, of
course, but he was the first player that I was old enough to really identify
with who seemed to embody everything I felt about The Arsenal. The unwavering
passion for – and loyalty to – the club. The defiant belief that we could win
every game, or we’d go down fighting. One of us, leading the team out every

3.”The Rest Of The Invincibles”

MS: The finest period of football I’ve ever had the privilege to watch at The
Arsenal. As the original poster said, this was moment the club transcended all
previous achievements, and took their place as one of the greatest sides in
footballing history.

4. “My First Arsenal Shirt”

MS: I didn’t really have a choice as to which football club I was going to
support. My Great Uncle played for Arsenal in the 1948/49 season and, whilst he
went on to play at other clubs, he always spoke most fondly about his season at
Highbury. So, my colours were to nailed to the mast from day one. But the
feeling I got when I put on my first replica shirt could only have been
bettered by pulling on a shirt for real. I felt a part of something. Not a
gang, not a family, but something that made me feel like I belonged. Maybe not
a defining moment in the club’s history, but a defining moment in my life

5. “The way the Away End sung…”

MS: Crikey. Anybody who went to Milan away last year and had to watch one of
the poorest Arsenal performances in recent memory, yet still sang louder than
the rest of the San Siro put together for 90 minutes, deserves a print. Right?!

Which is you favourite ‘Defining Moment’? free polls 

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