Luiz Gustavo to anchor the Arsenal midfield, Lukas Podolski to lead the attack

As the
heatwave continues and we all get a bit gaga in our offices, it’s time to take
a look at what to expect from our German man up front. Yes I’m talking about
Poldi a.k.a the team’s entertainer Lukas Podolski. With strikers such as
Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez pending, the talk is all about last season’s
forward combination. 

sat down recently to chat with John Cross from The Mirror about what he wants
for next season and unsurprisingly he wants trophies. Don’t we all want them
Poldi? Yes we do. But with a fully fit Poldi we can get at least closer (if we
sign other top players) than we did last season. It was no secret that he had
some problems with his ankle last year which hampered him nearly all season. He
didn’t manage to play the full 90 minutes which is always a bad thing for a
striker of his calibre.

what can we expect from the German international now that he is back to his physical
best? I expect him to push for a starting place in Arsene Wenger’s new squad
(in case we buy). With Bernard on the horizon, there will be more competition
than last year. And as we see with Olivier Giroud, challenging for places often
pushes you to be a better version of yourself, to get more out of your

made it clear that he wants to rebuild his striking force with another top-class
striker. At the moment I highly doubt we will get one as it all leads to us
being the fools again. But in case we do get a top class striker, he will be
first choice so Giroud, Poldi, TheoWalcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will have
to fight for their spot. 

has the ability to make his mark. Despite his injury problems he had a good first
season in England. But he needs to be more consistent this year no doubt about
that. I don’t see him in the centre of attack which can be an advantage if we
sign another top striker as he may lead that position. Poldi is a mobile
striker who can be pushed back into midfield or lead the attack if necessary.
Personally I’m a big Poldi fan and I’m convinced he can be a 20 goals/season
striker for us. His left foot alone is a threat certain teams would kill for.
Whoever will be added to our strike force Poldi is still first choice for me on
the left.

check the German transfer market to end. Arsenal are linked with a move for
Bayern Munich midfielder Luiz Gustavo. A player a lot Arsenal fans would love
to see in red and white.

I did post a story about him
and the chances of getting him last week over @Germangunners. As I said then,
I’m not the biggest fan but the squad situation in Munich could push him into a
transfer this summer. A lot has been said over the last week and Wolfsburg
sport director Klaus Allofs made contact with Gustavo’s agent as Allofs himself

Munich will never say that a
player is available for transfer, but if he is then you’ll know yourself (see the
Mario Gomez case a few weeks back). Same with Gustavo this time around. Bayer
director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge gave some hints in a recent interview with
sport1 website that Munich are willing to loan some players.

In contrast to that, Gustavo
himself is quoted in yesterday’s Kicker magazine saying that he wants to stay
at Bayern and fight for his place. A quote we have heard a lot times in recent
history with players leaving a week later. The World Cup is around the corner
and I’m sure he wants to be part of it as it’s in his home country of Brazil, which
means that if an offer comes around that he can’t refuse he will leave. But
that’s just my opinion. I would still prefer Marouane Fellaini. 

it for now. Enjoy the sunshine guys.


Chris Mader 

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