Manchester City favourites but can Theo Walcott return to upset the odds for Arsenal?

Gunner Town Tipster

Gunner Town Tipster

Welcome once more to the Blog that attempts to put some cash into your pockets, last week’s 172-1 ACCA was so close to coming in and giving us a nice pre-Christmas Bonus but like fishermen who harp on about the ones that got away there is no point in crying once the bet fails instead we will crack on in the hope we are getting closer to a nice big win. Apologies in advance today because the best football bets are not always the best for your club.

This weekend sees the end of possibly the toughest week of the season thus far for The Arsenal, not only that but probably the toughest game of the season up at Man City.

Let`s face harsh facts, Arsenal looked out on their feet at the end of the Napoli game, poor Giroud worked his knackers off winning or flicking balls to look round and see no one within 20yds of him. It was plain to see we missed Rambo who will sweat buckets to get beyond him and into the box I`m also amazed we haven’t seen Theo start a game yet either since his layoff as even the biggest Santi fan must admit he is struggling for form at the moment. City go into the game as odds on favourites at 4/5 with the odds on Arsenal winning at a little over 3/1 at 16/5 the draw pays 11/4. City`s home form is great just as The Arsenal`s away form is great too but after the week we have both had I can’t really argue with the bookies making City Favourites for this one.


I really hope Theo plays as he offers a huge threat on the break and if he plays I can see him scoring so the 7/2 anytime looks interesting IF he starts. However one should always bet with one’s head rather than their heart and I fancy Yaya Toure to outshine our Midfield and bag a goal at 11/4 any time.

If you press me for a score and a result I`d say City will edge the game and 2-1 looks good value at 7/1 the reverse of that with Arsenal winning 2-1 pays 11/1. City to win by 1 goal pays 11/4 and Arsenal to win by 1 goal pays 5/1.

I fancy this celebration

I fancy this celebration

£10 Arsenal Bet of the Week

If you can’t bear to bet against The Arsenal then have Theo to score ANYTIME only if he starts @ 7/2 which pays £45.

HOWEVER if you can stomach betting with your head then City to win 2-1 is the bet for you at 7/1 which returns £80.


Everton, Tottenham, Villa & Chesterfield to all win @ 26.27/1 which returns £272.73

£10 Goalscorer ACCA BET

Remy, Lukaku, Torres, Suarez to all score ANYTIME @ 13.65/1 which returns £146.49

As ever please only ever bet with money you can afford to lose and also feel free to discuss any or all of the above with me on Twitter (@yorkshiregunner)

Andy Wood

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