Arsenal Gunning for the Jackpot

Online gaming’s impact on football

In many ways, football is practically the world’s most popular sport. It has unified and promoted solidarity amongst towns, cities, and entire nations in its vast and expansive history. Of course, the sport’s massive and enduring popularity has naturally attracted the attention and diligence of avid bettors throughout the decades. And with the prevalence of online gaming these days, sports bettors have the option of heading over to online casinos for a few rounds of video slots games. Furthermore, numerous football clubs over the years have teamed up and inked long-term and lucrative sponsorship deals with various online gaming companies. As a matter of fact, Arsenal FC – an illustrious football club currently competing in the English Premier League – is a fine example of a highly accomplished sports team that has been very proactive in leveraging and integrating their prestigious brand with a diverse range of online gaming options to suit different purposes.

Arsenal FC had previously launched a (now defunct) dedicated online gaming site where diehard fans can play casino and poker games, in addition to unprecedented access to exclusive offers and prizes. Additionally, Arsenal fans were able to bet on matches and redeem winning bets they had made offline. More importantly, Arsenal FC had recently set up an online lottery game, available twice a week, for the benefit of the club’s Arsenal Foundation. This initiative gives Arsenal fans the opportunity to win life-changing amounts of money, in addition to helping out thousands of people who benefit from the projects that the Arsenal Foundation supports. Some of the esteemed charities that have collaborated with the Arsenal Fondation include the David Rocastle Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, ChildLine, Centrepoint, TreeHouse, Teenage Cancer Trust, and the Willow Foundation.

On a slightly lighter note, Arsenal FC has its fair share of supporters within certain sectors of the online gaming industry. Launched in 2011, the iGaming Football League brought together several top-notch online gaming operators and affiliates in a competitive tournament setting. One of the more prominent companies that joined this league was IGT, the award-winning game developer that had previously worked with  Bubble Bonus Bingo in the past. Of course, it’s worth noting that more than half of the IGT squad, which eventually became Season 2 Champions, was made up of Arsenal FC loyalists.

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