Stuck in the middle: How Arsenal fans fared in the knowledge league

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We’ve been around for 128 years and have, on the whole, experienced great success. Arsenal fans have plenty to be proud of, even if it’s been close to nine years without a trophy to speak of.

While that drought should end in May when, providing we beat Wigan Athletic, we reach the FA Cup final. Winning any major trophy should be celebrated, but it would pale in comparison with a Premier League win.

It’s likely that whoever scores the winning goal which takes us to FA Cup glory will be remembered for ages, but would they ever crop up when compared to Arsenal legends? Remembering who plays in key games could be handy for a quiz like how well do you know your team. This particular online test is a good way to learn about the past as well as the present.

Mixed performance

As has been the case with recent results and performances, the results in so far suggest that many Arsenal fans aren’t that well-acquainted with the club’s history. The average score for each fan is around the 5/10 mark, although there are quite a few anomalies. Close to a third of people taking part in the quiz got either four or five correct answers, but that doesn’t tell the full story.

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Less than 1% of people taking the quiz came away without a single correct answer to their name. Meanwhile, a healthy 8% had achieved perfection, getting an impressive 10/10 score. A further 14% got eight or nine correct answers. Compared to the other 19 teams in the Premier League, this is pretty average, although Gunners fans did outperform some big rivals.

Looking down on Spurs

A paltry 4% of Tottenham fans managed to get everything right, while 30% of their fans managed to get four or five out of 10. A similarly low number of their supporters got a big fat zero. As for Chelsea, just 5% of their fans got the whole lot right. More than half of their fans got between three and five right answers.

Among the sets of fans who managed to outperform Arsenal fans knowledge-wise included Manchester City. 11% of City fans got 10/10, although 2% of their fans got nothing. Hull City seem to have the most football superbrains among their fanbase, as a whopping 16% got every single question correct.


So why don’t Arsenal fans sit top of the league when it comes to knowing their club? Could it be due to the longevity of Arsene Wenger, with many younger fans not knowing what supporting Arsenal is like without the Frenchman at the helm.

The fact as well that Wenger has achieved one of the club’s best and most successful golden periods since arriving in North London may also make past glories a tad more forgettable, given that Wenger has achieved two doubles and the Invincibles among other achievements.

Either way, Wenger and the boys will certainly be looking to make history once again on their next (hopefully) two visits to Wembley.

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