Does being good at FIFA make you a man, a boy or a lad?


Ladbrokes Casino have recently conducted the ultimate LAD survey to discover how our noble nation separates the men from the boys by assessing a variety of tasks, challenges and activities.

We’ve decided to pull out a few of the key pointers and put our favourite Arsenal lads to the test:

· The nation definitely appreciates a good FIFA player, as 9% of the nation awards you 3 man points for World Class status (35% of respondents deemed this manly) on the and 9% award 5 lad points for legendary status.

· According to respondents, Country music is the most embarrassing to have in your CD collection with 10% saying they would subtract the maximum 5 lad points and 47% of those surveyed deeming it unmanly.

· Apparently the acceptable ‘selfie’ trend doesn’t stretch to men with 23% of the nation choosing to deduct the maximum 5 lad points to any man taking snaps of just them and 60% of respondents deeming this unmanly! (The 25k likes on Arsenal’s victory selfie at White Hart Lane would probably say otherwise!)

Not Cool or Cool?

Not Cool or Cool?

· Respect goes to those who complete a Man Vs Food style challenge with the majority of respondents awarding +5 lad points and 48% of respondents deeming this manly.

· The majority of respondents would award +2 lad points for being able to grow epic facial hair with 45% of the nation deeming this manly. Yes Cashley we mean you!

Cole beard - Not Cool or Cool?

Cole beard – Not Cool or Cool?

So, how do you fare up against the Arsenal lads? Well you can find out if you’ll be holding the LAD cup high and proud or relegated to the pansy division here with the definitive lad points scoring system.

Dave Seager

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