Worst World Cup Kits of All Time


Oh dear Lauren!
Oh dear Lauren!

VIVA Uruguay!

Not something the England fans will be chanting this summer – or the Ghanaians ever for that matter – but Bolivia did back in 1930, and they spelled it right across their strip.

That was in the inaugural World Cup and things have gone from bad to worse, and for those countries who sport the outrageous kits, it’s not been plain sailing on the pitch either.

Campos will take some beating

Campos will take some beating has trawled through the 20 tournaments (including Brazil 2014) to find some of the worst kits of all time, and how they fared, and it makes an interesting read. Even the Germans, who always win, fell foul to Bulgaria in only the quarter finals in 1994.

Germany Nil Points

Germany Nil Points

The 1990’s was of course an interesting period for fashion, whilst on the street footballers were wearing sarongs , well, one was, on the pitch kit designs were become more jazzy/hideous than ever before, in fact there were so many the Aztec Mexico home jersey of 1998 doesn’t even make the starting eleven.

Not in the worst 11???

Not in the worst 11???

Guide your way up the pitch checking out some of the worst kits ever produced, analysing their performance, and decide which you think is the worst by tweeting #WorstWorldCupKits.

All we know is one thing’s for sure; it’s not looking hopeful for England!

Just a bit of Friday fun. Greg Cross Column later today.

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