The World’s No1 Soccer Skills Trainer in action – ‘Football Flick’

About a year ago a lady I knew through work sent some information about a new football product designed by her husband and a friend to those she knew had a passion for football and thought might be interested. It was about the time I was taking over Gunners Town with a few partners. I suggested they advertise through the site then but quite frankly Gunners Town was not really established and their company was not ready to distribute the new football skills trainer they had created.

  A year on however Stuart Wallace & Gareth Hodskinson and their now established company iControl Distribution have fully developed the Football Flick and I am delighted to introduce their partnership with Gunners Town today. It is lovely to be able to partner, assist and generate revenue from something we believe in and that is 100% football related.

Introducing Football Flick

Introducing Football Flick

When they conceived the idea of Football Flick they had a very modern problem in mind. Stuart’s son was playing for an academy team at the time, where the pressure to improve and impress is famously intense. Having been through this with my own son at Saints, Pompey and Bournemouth I am familiar with the situation. For Stuart as is the case for most parents nowadays his full-time job meant he struggled to find the time to help him practice in the back garden in between training.

Gareth’s son also loved football and performing skills and tricks, but never played football in the traditional environment and always struggled to find surfaces that would return the ball to him.

Couple that with the increased urbanisation which means children no longer get the chance to kick the ball against a wall or kerb in the street, as we did as kids and the issue becomes clear: the need to practice is greater than ever, but chances and spaces to do so have never been so limited.

Unsatisfied with the standard rebound nets on the market, which are often uninspiring and cumbersome, Stuart and Gareth decided to have a go themselves. They wanted to design something which was fun, portable, could be used alone or with friends and – most importantly of all – helped users hone a range of techniques, skills and touches.

After a brief consultation period with a design team, the Football Flick was born.

Featuring a trampoline side that – like a standard rebound net – fires the ball back from a lofted pass, the Football Flick demands a far greater range of skills than the average training aid. The ramped side of the product requires players to take the ball down and play a pass along the floor – one of the most crucial skills in the modern world of slick possession football – while the netted section in the middle allows for chipping games and challenges.


Crucially, the product suits all players in all manner of environments. Small enough to fit into the back of an estate car, it is perfect for individual practice or team training sessions. It also affords the not-so-serious player the chance to improve or simply try out some new skills. The product can be assembled or dismantled in under a minute.

Folds away easily

Folds away easily

If you’re looking for a way to drag your kids away from their PlayStation or Xbox, then why not check out the link and video and see the World’s No1 Soccer Skills Trainer in action to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>>

 We at Gunners are honoured to be partners with iControl Distribution and are proud to endorse and recommend Football Flick.


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