A Poem for the North London Derby – This will stir the blood for North London is Red


The tension is building, my stomach is churning

Nervous excitement and a passion that’s burning

Both sides of the divide know what’s at stake

Three points forgotten, bragging rights we will take

Form not a factor when the North London teams collide

Rivalries long standing, friendships and families divide

Who wants it more on the day and is up for the battle?

And who will be overwhelmed and whose nerves all a rattle?

Some men become boys when the whistle does blow?

Other men become heroes tomorrow we’ll know

We’ll try and sleep, all restless tonight

Dreaming the heroes are clad in the red and the white

A fast start is vital, home advantage must tell

So sing up The Emirates make my pride swell

You know what it means, so on them inflict the pain

Send them skulking back to the pitiful Lane

History is with us for the past 20 years

Send them home to Middlesex to cry in their beers





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