13 Reasons why Fabregas to Arsenal makes sense – Unlucky for Some!

I want you back

Well how delightful that all the chat this week has been about Alexis Sanchez being subject to an approach from Chelsea this summer. As if we do not have enough to worry about as Arsenal fans. Add to this an interview with a Chilean Lama in which the player said he is happy in London but wants to win things and the frenzy begins.

Let’s make this simple whatever you think of the club, the board and the Manager we simply are not in the position now, financially where we need to sell to other teams in the Premier League. Unless of course we want to. Therefore, either Alexis signs an extension to his contract, he does not sign and we ask him to play out his contract or we sell him abroad. These are the only three options and until we know what our esteemed old codger is doing it is not truly worth discussing. Win two matches against Man City and it all looks different. Lose two matches to Man City and option one is highly likely to disappear.

All the above said I am not averse to some summer transfer speculation involving Arsenal and Chelsea but the possible move that intrigues me is not from North to West but the other way. This is very personal view, not based on any media suggestion and it will be unpalatable to many Gunners but Cesc Fabregas to Arsenal makes sense on so many levels.

  • Fabregas is the last leader of men on the pitch Arsenal had and we are sorely lacking any such figures.
  • He is only 29, 30 in May, largely injury free, unlike Cazorla and has at least three top years ahead of him.
  • Only two season ago from a deeper role alongside Matic, Fabregas led the Premier League assist table with 18. The closest to him was Cazorla, with 11, playing the same role for Arsenal and NOT Ozil playing the more advanced role.

18 Assists from a Deeper role – Incredible

  • In 2016/17 Fabregas, is only a squad player for Chelsea due to the new 343 formation but having only featured in 19 PL games and started 7, still has more assists than any Arsenal player barring Alexis. What an indictment!
  • He is a proven winner and we have very few of those at Arsenal and those we do may wish to leave this summer.
  • Despite many claiming the player went on strike to force a move I NEVER saw him once give anything less than 100% for the Cannon when he played. This included playing injured, playing with broken limbs and singled handled winning Arsenal matches when not fully fit.

  • He would happily have returned to Arsenal when he left Barcelona and it is Wenger that decided not to exercise his right to buyback.
  • We cannot blame a man for wanting to be in London with his young family in 2014 and this still applies. If the player wants to play more regularly and be a starter, he only truly has three choices. Stay put, Tottenham, unthinkable and they do not need him or Arsenal who do need him.
  • He still has a fabulous relationship with Wenger if he is indeed determined to stay on. If he does, he will need a leader on the pitch to set an example to the squad and Fabregas can be that man.
  • Even now, I would be hard pushed to argue that any of our current pivot options in a 4231 are better than our old Number 4 and he could equally shine in a 4141/433.
  • Post the 1998-2004 Golden era he is simply the BEST player I have seen in an Arsenal shirt and he played in a team that was not worthy of his talent. I would love to see him play with better players and win more than the solitary FA Cup medal he has with Arsenal. We produced him and yet all his glory has been elsewhere which grates with me.

Led by example

  • Whilst I have no evidence other than what my heart tells me I believe the player would jump at the chance to return to first spiritual football home.
  • Lastly and somewhat tongue in cheek we do not have the worry that Chelsea will not sell to us because we are serious rivals!

I know many of you will not have even read this far due to irrational football supporters hate. I do understand and empathise although I do not share the sentiment. For me it is about getting the winning mentality back into the first team squad and Cesc Fabregas offers that and so much more…..

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