Where would Monsieur Thomas Lemar play if he arrives at Arsenal?

Where would he fit?

Rumours abound about a certain Monsieur Thomas Lemar. Many are hopeful that Arsenal are in hot pursuit for the mercurial creative midfielder. Everyone has watched his YouTube best bits videos to death by now I am guessing but there is also one question that is left on many an Arsenal fans lips… Where would he play if he did join?

In this article, I go through a few different formations and ways that Lemar could fit in at Arsenal. Sure, I am just throwing ideas out there for many but some are a possibility.

4 2 3 1

Firstly is the return of a formation Arsenal fans were glad to see the back of towards the end of last season, but as Arsene Wenger says it does mean having a space for an extra attacker. In this role, Thomas Lemar would fill the right-winger role as a mirror image of Alexis Sanchez on the left. Admittedly, many fans would not like to see this formation return but it could possibly be lethal with a harder working player on the right, prepared to track back if needed. Lamar would also be a threat cutting inside on his deadly left foot to unleash a deadly shot or pass.


4 3 1 2


Again going back to a four at the back formation, which some may dislike, it though could be a compromise, a way to harness both the attacking and defensive work rate of both Lemar and Chamberlain. With these two exciting players, buzzing around Xhaka and Ozil it frees them both up to controlling the game in a way only they can. With Kolasinac and Bellerin adding width to the team, there will be a lot energy in the team for sure and did I mention creativity?


3 4 3


This one is more of a hit and hope but is it the role Wenger has his eye on for Thomas Lemar? Could he be the perfect replacement for Santi Cazorla in that deep lying play maker role? Lemar, a player of high technique, intelligence and work rate could excel in the middle of the park with a bodyguard like Xhaka next to him too.


3 4 3 (Without Sanchez)


Ok so hopefully this does not happen and Alexis Sanchez stays, but if he does not then it is not so bad honestly, IF Arsenal have Lemar. Lemar on the left is a breath-taking sight, he can score he can create he can do it all but on the up side he doesn’t lose the ball that much with headless chicken dribbles. Will Thomas Lemar join? Will Alexis Sanchez leave? Honestly, I am 50/50.

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