Arsenal Sell Everything. Who cares, the World is going to end anyway

Sell everything, who cares the world is going to end anyway!

 So well yeh, that is quite the nihilistic title for you to mull over on an Arsenal based website as you are sipping your Pimm’s and lemonade. As you may be able to tell, I am not the most serious or indeed the least sarcastic guy around so when I watch transfer videos or read articles about selling players my mind starts to wonder a little.

It was a rather stormy night in “sunny” Grimsby as I gazed upon my phone once more in hope of transfer news to brighten my otherwise dreadful day. I embarked on my ritual of trawling twitter hash tags and then websites for hope, for promise of a brighter future in the Red half of North London, last on my list was You tube. After the 70th time of watching Thomas Lemar highlights video’s I stumbled on an Arsenal video, I think you know the fans (pantomime wink) I mean. The video that sparked my interest was titled “Arsene Wenger’s Big Transfer Gamble!!!” sensationalism at its finest right there I guess, obviously I was excited, hoping wishing this would bring news of salvation to Arsenal’s transfer business this summer.

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I was wrong, it was based more on the angle of how Arsene Wenger is “gambling” not selling all the contract rebels at Arsenal, and I was obviously disappointed. OK let’s get this straight, the chaps that do these videos seem good people, they work hard and found a gap in the market commendably, so I bare no ill feeling towards them. Back to the story, a few weeks back I indeed wrote an article citing the nine players out of contract at Arsenal and offering players who could replace them if Monsieur Wenger chose to, so I understand the idea of this video.

I though do not comprehend the idea of a fire sale of players “not” being a gamble, it does appear football fans in general seem to think, one can simply sell lots of players and then seamlessly replace them all in a couple of months and it’s all a simple affair.

Sell Deadwood

Firstly transfers out of clubs are not very easy when you are a big club potentially paying over the odds for certain players, you need teams to want what you are selling as well as willing to pay what your players are asking for. Another problem is what if the chap you want to sell likes his teammates and wants to stay; you might have to unfriend him on Facebook and twitter just for him to consider leaving!

Secondly, the myth that players grow on trees and that they are easily bought is also a misconception. In the summer months and obviously January we see the final stages of lots of hard work, be that taking agents to dinner or sending Christmas cards to players relatives. Jokes aside it is a long drawn out process of scouting thoroughly, making sure you are getting the right player and character for your team. The negotiation process is also lots of fun, which Arsenal seem to hate, having fallen out with many an agent or team in this process, thanks to their want for the best deal possible.

So yes the counter argument is always, sure sell everyone but whom do you replace them with and how much will they cost? I personally am a fan of transfers and all the nonsense they bring in silly season while football is in pre-season and there is nothing to distract us from the quagmire of Apocalypse that awaits us. Just remember folks, keep calm and carry on.

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