Mr ‘So called’ Journo – A Step over is used too deceive an opponent with skill and a dive is used to deceive the officials

Quick rant from GT Crew member Brad for your journey to work…

If you ever needed evidence that there is a Pro-Spurs stance in our media, then you just need to check out today’s papers/social media ad Twitter. Respected (until now perhaps) Independent journalist, Jonathan Liew (and I thought he was definitely one of the good guys) has claimed:

“I see no difference between a step over and a dive!”

Okay we have gone full ‘Happy Days’ here. Jump the shark and soared off into the sun. It is absolutely NO coincidence that is the North London Derby this weekend and Pochettino has been talking about how diving is a ‘valid’ part of the game. Absolutely astonishing nonsense from our ‘Fourth Estate’.

It does feel now like every journalist’s main weapon is to trigger Arsenal fans (and it worked). The most ludicrous and absurd take on an issue, the better for them. What a sad state to be in!

kane dive



For the record, diving is not as two-footed tackles, spitting or punching. However it is FAR worse than a step over. (Genuine LOL at that, on the train, as I typed. To clarify, Mr Pochettino and Mr Liew: A step over is used to deceive your opponent with skill and a dive is used to deceive officials. It is really easy to understand.

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