Gunners Town proudly presents exclusive new technology: we think you’ll like it..!

Despite our recent struggles, we know you love the Gunners (and we know it’s tough right now, believe us). But being completely honest, as difficult as it is to be a Gunners fan these days, publishing a sustainable blog might be even harder.

That’s why, despite what some might view as poor timing (given our recent performances), we’re testing out a new feature that lets you easily and securely buy kit and other items you see in images accompanying our posts. There’s no pressure from our end, but if you see something you like, and you buy it on our site, we receive a small payment.

And believe us when we say, every little bit helps. More importantly, rather than adding adverts or other irritating forms of marketing, we are offering you bleeding edge technology that will make your life simpler, and possibly help us cover our costs! Win-win!

Try it out by clicking on any of the images below:


Basically, if you see a shirt, pair of socks or anything else you like in an image, click the photo. Then shortly after – without leaving our site – you can buy the item directly from Arsenal ! Better still – Arsenal Direct handles the delivery with all the quality of service that you have grown to expect. Payment is handled through Stripe – so your important personal details are secure.

Buy what you like, close the window, and straight away, you’re back to keeping up with the latest team news and opinions. It’s as if you’ve never left the site.

We’re the world’s first publication to use this technology, which is also being tested on It’s been developed by a company called i like that. They’re part of an innovation lab being run by the club, which sees a handful of cutting-edge tech firms work with Arsenal FC on special projects.

We like it because it’s quite easy to use and far more convenient than trolling the internet to shop, which is why we think you’ll like it, too! That said, we’re eager to hear what you think, good and bad, so don’t hesitate to email us with comments, questions or concerns or post in the comments.


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