Arsenal ‘s 2019 summer signings – Marks out of 10. Agree/disagree?

Arsenal Unveil New Signing Gabriel Martinelli

The January transfer window ended roughly a week more ago. But how are our players actually doing?

Which have been the bright stars and who have been the duds?

In summer 2019, Arsenal signed David Luiz from Chelsea, Nicolas Pepe from Lille, Kieran Tierney from Celtic and Gabrielle Martinelli from Ituano Futebol Clube and Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid on loan.
William Saliba was signed from Saint Etienne, though he returned to them on loan for this season.

It was said that we “won” the transfer window. Has our “victory” resulted in actually getting the best from them?

David Luiz – 5/10



David Luiz has had a strong career. He won multiple trophies at Chelsea and PSG. His last at Chelsea was ironically vs. us in the Europa League final.

But his time with us has been muted.

He has improved since Arteta came in.
But he has in other parts lacked the discipline and strength to perform ably.

He also had committed many mistakes, such as giving away penalties at Watford and Liverpool to name but two.

Despite his experience, he hasn’t been what we’ve hoped.

He would have got a far lower score had he not improved in Arteta’s time.

Dani Ceballos – 4/10



Ceballos had a good game vs. Burnley at home.

But this was months ago.

Granted, he has been injured. But he hasn’t hit the heights of that 2-1 win vs. Burnley in August.

I believe he has been a miss, and we shouldn’t ask Zizou and his Whites to sign him up.

Nicolas Pepe – 5/10



Pepe, I feel, has improved in recent weeks.

I don’t think we were playing the ball to his feet that much.

In recent games, he has been taking players on and looking to create chances.

But yes, he hasn’t got goals and assists.

And this is, ultimately, what he’s in the side for.

Players who are similar to him, like Son, Mane, and Salah, all get goals and assists, as well as take players on and create.

I believe this may come for Pepe too – but I don’t think he has shone yet.

Our record signing hasn’t been rubbish – but more is clearly needed.

Gabrielle Martinelli – 8/10



Few of us had heard of this youngster.

Coming from a lowly division in Brazil to a major world club in the Premier League is one thing.

But then to be one of our best performing players, and arguably our best summer signing is another.

The boy has been stunning.

Comparisons to Alexis Sanchez or Luis Suarez are fine – but he’s got a long way yet to rival their heights.

Though his tenacity, work-rate, finishing and pace have added much to our side.

William Saliba – (on loan to Saint Etienne) – 5/10



I’ve read mixed reports of Saliba.

He has looked good in some games, whilst poor in others.

It’s also misguided to assume he will come in – as our player “proper” so to speak – and perform wonders.

He’s young and needs time to develop.

I feel once he does come, he may be used sporadically.
But don’t assume he’ll be the next van Dijk or a neo-Campbell, Bould, Adams, and Keown combined. He will be under 20 when he joins us fully, so let’s give him time to bed in and develop.

Kieran Tierney – 5/10



The former Celtic man has looked reasonable when in the side.

Though his persistent injuries haven’t boosted things much.

However, his crossing has been on point, and he has looked more solid in the left-back role.

His predecessor, as it were, Nacho Monreal was highly dependable, though Tierney has the speed and positioning to be as capable as Nacho was.

It may be unfair to mark him at all – but from what we’ve seen a 5/10 seems fair.

Top signing – Martinelli



His goals vs. Chelsea, Nottm. Forest and in the Europa League show his potential.

Even our captain, Auba, has predicted great things for him.

Gab has a fine role model to emulate in our captain, that’s for sure.

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