The New Bettors’ Guide to Football Index Match Day Dividends

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Few things compare to the thrill of a Match Day when you’re betting on Football Index. Matches are highly anticipated events on the Index because bettors can reap handsome rewards online for their players’ real-life, in-game performances. Many have indeed taken advantage of a Football Index sign up offer to get a leg up when assembling their dream Match Day player portfolio.

If you’re new to Football Index, you may want to know more about the dividends system and how to win the most come Match Day. To that end, here’s an FAQ with some of the most important things you should know about Match Day dividends and the best strategies for buying game-winning player shares.

What Exactly Are Match Day Dividends on Football Index?

On Football Index, Match Day dividends are online payouts that you can win if a player in your portfolio does well in a real-life match. The site’s scoring system is powered by the Opta performance scoring algorithm.
As of this time, bettors can get dividends for matches held by the following leagues or competitions:

● The Premier League
● La Liga
● Bundesliga
● Ligue 1
● Serie A
● The Champions League
● The Europa League
● The UEFA European Championship Qualifiers
● The World Cup

The Europa League and Champions League matches up the ante for Football Index bettors because the players’ base scores in these matches are multiplied by 1.25.


What Are the Major Types of Dividend You Can Get on Match Day?

Dividends on Match Day are awarded to the following:
● The highest-scoring goalkeeper of the match.
● The highest-scoring defender of the match.
● The highest-scoring midfielder of the match.
● The highest-scoring forward of the match.
● The overall top player in the Match Day rankings.
● The media winner, or the player with the highest score each day by the 23:59:59 GMT deadline.

If a player in your portfolio is the top scorer for that particular position, that makes you eligible for the Match Day dividends. To date, Match Day dividends are only awarded to the first placers per category and not for the second or third placers.

In addition to dividends for individual matches, Football Index also pays out Team of the Month dividends. The top three strikers, top four midfielders, top three defenders, and top goalkeeper can reap dividends based on a monthly aggregated score from eligible matches. The points counted for Team of the Month dividends are taken from the player’s top three Match Day scores.

How Do You Become Eligible to Win Match Day Dividends Off Your Players?

To be eligible for Match Day dividends, bettors must purchase shares of their respective players before 16:00 GMT of the same day. The following morning, between 09:00AM and 10:00AM, Football Index pays out the dividends to bettors with winning players.

How Do Players Accrue Points That Yield Match Day Dividends?

Football Index’s Match Day scoring system either rewards or penalises key actions in the game. The exact number of points depends on the type of action undertaken by each player. The biggest dividends you can get are for goals, which can net your player as many as 45 points. An additional 35 points is awarded for every winning goal, and there’s an 18-point bonus if the player is on a winning team.

Goals aren’t the only valuable in-game actions, however. Among the most rewarding actions on Football Index’s Match Day chart are assists (20 points), key passes (6 points), and interceptions (5 points) among others. Goalkeepers can win as much as 40 points for clean sheets, 45 points for penalty saves, and 20 points for blocked shots.

There are also undesirable actions that could cause a player’s score to go down. Examples include -5 for each foul, -10 for a missed chance, -20 for a missed penalty, and -30 for a red card. At the end of the match, all points are tallied and the top players appear on Football Index’s Match Day rankings. In the event of a tie for the most number of points per category, the youngest player wins.

What Are the Best Strategies for Winning Match Day Dividends on Football Index?

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are some winning tips for winning Match Day dividends on Football Index.

• ● Keep track of the trends from past Match Days. Find out which players were the top dividend earners per match or per month. This should help you come to a good decision about which players to keep an eye on.
• ● Dividends differ per type of match. The highest dividends are won during Gold matches, followed by Silver and Bronze matches. Stay on top of your schedule so that you know which day you could win the most.
• ● Go with players that are likely to spend a lot of >me on the pitch. The more time they spend on the pitch, the higher their likelihood to accrue different types of points.
• ● Remember, goals aren’t the only points that matter. Place bets not only on players that can score, but also on those who might earn you a clean sheet or a key assist. Think very carefully about the midfielders and defenders who could come through for you on these.

With this knowledge in hand, you should be a little more prepared for the next Match Day. Good luck, and here’s to wishing your Football Index portfolio players the best odds for their upcoming games!

Football Index is a be9ng platform, so you must be at least 18+ and please gamble responsibly with When the fun stops, stop!

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