Top World Football Stars and the Fancy Cars They Drive

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Talent, hard work, and the short career history of world football stars are valued in huge salaries. Not only do many football players become legends in the football world and raise generations of children who dream of being like them, but they prefer to stand out not only for their football tricks but also for the way they manage their earned money.

Most football players are famous for the luxury cars they buy. Many of them have a whole collection of rare, limited, and simply amazing cars that ordinary people can only dream of. However, although buying a sports car or a rare car may remain a dream for many of us, we can feel like the owner of a dream car for a while. Now everyone can rent a luxury car as car rentals offer a huge variety of luxury cars for rent at a reasonable price. If you prefer cars with an aggressive design, then you can take advantage of G Class rental or choose a sports car with a striking design.

The football players’ car collections are amazing. We will look at the brightest and most memorable cars of football stars in the world.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  PEA supercar

This football star enjoys living a lavish lifestyle. In addition, he loves to share all his joys on the pages of his social networks. Among these photos, you can see a large number of cars owned by the captain of the Gabon national team.

Among his collection of cars, you can notice a large number of chrome-plated vehicles that look irresistible and glossy. The football player shows great love for Lamborghini cars because he has three of them. His collection also includes two Ferraris. Furthermore, the alluring Bentley and Porsche are too good to ignore.

Lionel Messi

  Messi Supercar

Who else could be the owner of the most high-priced vehicle if not the top football star? Six years ago, the legendary football player spent over $35 million on a rare 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti. In addition to this model, there is also an F430 Spyder in the legend’s garage.

The football player has a special fondness for sports vehicles as seen by the Zonda Tricolore and Zonda Roadster Paganis he also owns in addition to Ferraris. Another stunning vehicle in his garage is a Maserati.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Abramovic Supercar  

The well-known Swedish football player is a sports car enthusiast as well and frequently drives about on the streets of his own country in eye-catching vehicles.

He is an avid Ferrari collector, and you can view three models in his collection at once. The Porsche is yet another sports vehicle in the lineup. He decided to stand out by purchasing a 918 Spyder.

Karim Benzema

  Benzema Supercar

For a variety of reasons, the French footballer frequently garners media attention. However, his collection of high-end vehicles receives the most attention.

The ostentatious Bugatti sports vehicle is especially beloved by the Frenchman. He purchased a Chiron for more than $3 million and a Veyron, which he debuted to the public in honor of his thirtieth birthday.

However, this is not the only vehicle on his list. Walking into his garage, we would be surprised at how many rare and irresistible cars there are, including limited edition Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, and also Rolls Royce. Moreover, he couldn’t get past Lamborghini as he has three of them.   

Samuel Eto’o

  E’eto Supercar

In the ranks of the Spanish professional football club Barcelona there is another ardent car enthusiast. The former striker appears to spend the majority of his earnings on enticing sports automobiles, making him a true aficionado of lavish lifestyle.

Two Aston Martins are included in his collection. He could not ignore the Ferrari and bought two irresistible models at once. We bet there are even more unique and amazing cars in his collection.

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