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Learning from Le Prof – Happy Birthday Arsene

It’s Wenger’s birthday, he also completed another milestone recently in terms of years completed at Arsenal Football Club. This post is a spur of the moment type after seeing my Twitter feed flooded with happy birthday messages for the Frenchman accompanied with plenty of undying love tweets for the man. No, this will not be […]

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How Video Replays can be brought in to improve Football Now! – Learning from Cricket

Sport gives us many what would have happened if moments.  Moments after which we can’t help but wonder how events would have transpired had those moments occurred differently. What would have happened if Gerrard had never slipped? What would have happened if Lampard’s goal was given versus Germany? What would have happened if Pakistan turned […]

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‘THEO’logy the new Arsenal Religion to have faith in? Directness, Movement and Positional Interchange

An Article about Theo and so much more…….Rotation, Arteta/Flamini and Meltdown! So, I haven’t written for quite a while, almost a month actually!  Since my last post, Arsenal beat Stoke comfortably, lost to Zagreb, lost to Chelsea, beat Spurs to qualify for the next round in the League Cup, thrashed the ‘till then undefeated Leicester, […]

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Current Squad Improving?

Arsenal History proves squads can improve and win without signings – 71 and 02 Double Winners?

Post transfer-window, one of the arguments I saw posed by fans was that the current squad cannot win the league because the current squad hasn’t been able to do so for the last two seasons. On paper, that makes sense.  How can the same group of players, who have failed to put up a challenge […]

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So does spending equal automatic Premier League Success? Is it as simple as that?

Arsenal’s start to the season has done no favors to the notion that this squad can win the league.  Unsurprisingly, the clamoring for buying a new striker or backup defensive midfielder or any other ‘we need’ you may have heard, has only increased fervently. Apparently, we must spend.  Apparently, we must show our ambition by […]

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Is Ozil better than Silva or Hazard better than Alexis? How do we judge the relative merit of a player?

I was initially tempted to write an exploratory piece on Ramsey-on-the-Right but I think there are several quality posts lined up on that topic – including one already put up by Andrea and a bloody good piece by Dave Seager; so, I’ll do what I do in times like these and go off on a […]

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Cech will 'Bounce' back!

Come on Gunners – There is No ‘I’ in Team so don’t blame individuals

It’s interesting how, considering football is a team sport, we tend to idolize or castigate individuals on a regular basis. Why is that? This thought and question entered my mind during pre-season when Arsenal Twitter went gaga over a certain Jeff Rene-Adelaide and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.  I would have written about this earlier but at that […]

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Empowerment vs Control: will Wenger’s philosophy finally bear fruit?

The new season is right around the corner and I’m excited! Apart from the fact that I will be able to watch my beloved Arsenal play almost every weekend, so many questions surrounding the adequacy of Wenger’s squad and transfer business over the summer will start finding their answers. Questions regarding his philosophy will also be […]

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Showdown! Giroud v Benzema: which forwards will take Arsenal Forward?

Some tweets showed up on my timeline yesterday comparing Benzema’s goals scored/matches played versus Giroud over the last few years. The premise for the tweet was apparently someone saying Benzema at €40m was steep and that the player wasn’t really better than Giroud. The numbers shared actually gave that impression. If I have any regular […]

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A lot of players need to play regularly and in their preferred position to be effective.

Arsenal’s Premiership Template for Success -It’s not what you’ve got – it’s how you use it that will win you this league

The FA Cup win in 2014 was a relief, yes; but, it was unconvincing. Both mental and football flaws were still evident. I didn’t see how that Cup win would be used to build a challenge for the Premier League in the following season. The first half of last season saw performances that verified my […]

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