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Santi Claus is Coming to Town!

Going into this match there were many similarities to the same fixture four years ago. Phil Dowd last officiated a match between Arsenal and West Ham October 2008. Like this weekend’s fixture it was also at Upton Park. I asked if Arsenal enjoy the same success they had four years ago? Four years ago Arsenal […]

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Battle of the sixes

Arsenal visited Manchester City with one goal in mind, take all the points. Arsenal are on form and Manchester City are a few strides behind their previous season. Ripe for the picking the Gunners visited the Etihad. The match featured many Arsenal moments typical of three or four years ago. Arsenal control a large part […]

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Support Our Ladies

The international breaks usually mean that I am bored. This break was really nothing different. My Czechs were not on television (big surprise), and the Canadians were playing Panama with a CONCACAF official. Finding a topic to write on can be a chore and also very difficult. WTTGT

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Arsenal Fans Abroad – How to Become a Man

You live abroad, supporting your team based on some individual event rather than inheriting your grandfather’s or great-grandfather’s team. One singular unifying event has drawn in your support and not just watching the occasional game on the telly. You participate in forums, argue with people you’ve never met and even call them names that you […]

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The mood swings of a Gooner

The first thing is the title, “The mood swings of a Gooner,” auto-correct made it say ‘goner.’ That seems pretty apt at the present moment. My emotions have been on a bi-polar rollercoaster over the since Easter, but for the first time I feel like I may never recover. Am I resigned to this fate? […]

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