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William Saliba – Keep or Loan?

Arsenal and Arteta are clearly taking a considerate approach to ease William Saliba into life in North London, with the Frenchman’s only appearance so far being in our pre-season friendly against MK Dons, in which he didn’t fail to impress. If expectations weren’t already high enough, his assured display on the right-side in an unfamiliar […]

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London Colney

Arsenal Injuries due to Smoking – Well someone told me “It’s in the Grass!”

A few things in life are guaranteed in the month of November: You’ll get exactly 30 days. Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. Arsenal will have their worst month in the Premier League season. There’ve been a few theories about why this is, but like Jose Mourinho losing to managers with surnames starting with the letter ‘P,’ […]

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“Our inability to keep the ball more worrying than our inability to keep players on pitch”

Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez are gone for a while, there’s no apparent way to stop the unmatched growth of our list of injured players. We have recruited Shad Forsythe – arguably the best fitness expert in the world – and yet we have players going down with muscular injuries at a very frightening rate. One […]

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Arsene listen tom Victor

Four Reasons why Arsenal’s Premiership Challenge may be doomed – Are the pundits right?

Dear…… What was obvious from yesterday’s game is that a lot of our players are running on empty. Two of our best players (Santi and Sanchez) were woeful and Santi was taken off. If we had had a replacement, so should Sanchez have been. This is a threadbare team. We cannot continue to compete with […]

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Injuries Report: What lies behind Arsenal’s appalling fitness record?

It’s often said that the Arsenal team starting the season are different to the Arsenal team finishing the season. Throughout the Premier League there’s a belief that Arsenal cannot win the title because the team only play well for one half of the season. Many feel this inconsistency occurs because Arsenal are soft and are unable to remain composed when it matters most, unlike […]

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