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Emery – The Case for ‘his’ defence! – Not a Strong Case!

Emery defence – first calling out…   Don’t get me wrong. I’m firmly Emery In. But then the latest defeat to Manchester United showed how a critical point in our side is NOT being corrected by “el jefe”, Mr. Emery. Now, yes, Emery has a number of issues to solve. And the additions of some […]

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Gunners ‘D’Manding’ a DM but have we already got him, them?

The Frankenstein syndrome. Here we are in again in August, on the eve of the Community Shield and the outlook has changed most definitely from recent years, as in, by mid-July, we already had four signings made, and good ones at that, with good money spent. Also, we’re back in England, as we’re actually playing […]

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