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One happy to retire and one cannot

The return of the ‘club’ manager

The classic rivalry between Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson is remembered as one of the key battles of the Premier League era. The war of wits between the two managers and the angry words often exchanged were almost as thrilling as the action on the field. But Ferguson’s retirement in 2013 broke up the rivalry, […]

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 during the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur at Emirates Stadium on December 1, 2018 in London, United Kingdom.

The North London Stadium Derby – how Spurs may struggle in Arsenal’s footsteps

Arsenal and Tottenham – Stadium comparisons/issues   Arsenal and Spurs, with the opening of Tottenham’s new ground, will have some inevitable comparisons in their grounds’ financing and operations. Both us and them have built grounds for the same reasons – to provide a footing to compete at the highest levels. And revenue is all in […]

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Two great managers pointing the way to their teams

Best Of Enemies: Wenger-Ferguson, Relive One of Sport’s Greatest Rivalries

There have been many great sporting rivalries over the years. Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier, Bjorn Borg versus John McEnroe, Sebastian Coe versus Steve Ovett and Nigel Benn versus Chris Eubank are just a few unforgettable rivalries. What they all had in common was they all had a real edge to them. They didn’t really […]

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Time for  Change protest

To be or not to be a Gooner. That is the question.

We are all aware of the ever widening chasm between the “Arsene stay” and the “Arsene out” brigade. It has now descended into violent confrontation and I have seen a comment on Twitter where a supporter`s daughter was punched in the face by a “Wenger stay” supporter. The aftermath of the Man City game was […]

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Ramsey Stoke

Wenger hits back as disgraceful Stoke fans hit new low with Ramsey chant

ARSENAL CIRCULAR 127 There is a warm-hearted community character to football. The minute’s silence for a recently deceased favourite or the alternative – the energetic applause. Both work and both represent a coming together of fans in numbers to display affection and remembrance and solidarity. But football is capable of the opposite and at Stoke we […]

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