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Bobby and Freddie :)

Wenger has finally returned to the 442 that brought Arsenal Glory – Will it again?

There was a time I used to write many an article about tactics and formations and many of them were about the possibility of Wenger’s Arsenal returning to a 442 system, or a variation of it. If I am honest I gave up for a few years partly because I was continually told that 442, […]

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He knew what it meant to represent Arsenal

A Freddie Ljungberg and David Rocastle inspired Gem of a Gooner Interlull Blog

Hello there, what a week it has been so far. India outlawed higher denomination notes in a bid to end black money on 8th November and America elected Donald Trump as leader of the free world on 9th,  in a bid to end the world as we know it. All week we’ve been hearing about […]

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Arsene Who?

Part one -The first 10 years…. 20 years? 20 years since the unknown French manager walked through the door and who would have thought he would still be manager to this day. Wenger arrived at Highbury in October 1996 and Arsenal fans didn’t have a clue who he was. Wenger had a lot to prove […]

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Having a narrow squad and a strong fellowship can backfire but it gave us the INVINCIBLES

I was reading “Invincible” by Amy Lawrence last night, I read the whole book in one go because I simply couldn’t stop turning one page after another: the feeling of pride was overwhelming, as was the amount of details given away by Amy. The importance of chemistry in the building of a team, the innovations […]

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My Top 10 Worst moments as a Gooner – Not all Highbury Highs under North London Skies

Delighted to welcome back our good friend @garythegooner56 with a superb guest post We are now deep into the close season and social media is in full swing relentlessly churning out bullshit rumours linking The Arsenal with player after player. I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with reading about it. So I […]

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Ozil does not need to be the Arsenal Number 10 to use the space that a 10 Exploits

My axe first came to be ground shortly after England’s exit in Brazil during the World Cup when a national news station claimed England’s failings were due to a lack of a number 10! I then got further angst when the Arsenal twitterverse jumped on the #playOzil@10 bandwagon. I was finally forced to the power […]

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Memories of Ryan ‘Rocky’ Rocastle Arsenal FA Cup Final Mascot 2001 – Exclusive!

When Dave first approached me to write a blog for Gunners Town, I remember asking him for ideas. There seemed to be so many wonderful Arsenal blogs that it felt like almost every discussion point had been covered, 2 or 3 days after a match. I wanted my blog to be slightly unique in terms […]

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I support Arsenal for the ‘Arsenal Way’ – How about you?

This is a question I’ve been asked pretty often in the last three years, ever since my university journey began. “Why do you support Arsenal?” Of course, the question is posed by neutrals, not by Arsenal fans or, indeed, any football fans. My replies varied. I felt obliged (most of the time) to say something […]

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Monte Carlo or Bust! – 5 Compelling Reasons why Arsenal can triumph in Monaco.

March, 17th We are all going to be in front of the TV, expecting the obvious but hoping for the unexpected. In the tiny Louis II stadium, our boys will try to do something none have done before, progressing in the Champions League despite a two goals deficit to be recovered away from home. As […]

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Wingman Extraordinaire- Who is Arsenal’s finest ever winger?

Fox sports Australia, hopefully as a forerunner to #TheInvincibles, have just shown a doco on Robert Pires. They, as we all know, set our Bobby’s ability to turn a game on its head, the effect he had on #TheInvicibles, the fact he was one of the greatest players ever to pull on the Red/Maroon/Yellow/Blue…of The […]

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