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****Harry Kane has never delivered for England when it mattered most*****

Now this is a conversation I have had with my friends over the years, it always crops up around international tournament time and yes that circle includes a Spurs supporting friend who vehemently denies the claim and counters with the accusation I have a bias in my argument. It’s something I would always struggle to […]

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Gunners get out of jail, Pre-Match Meltdowns and Gary Lineker is a t.t – Two weeks in the life of an Arsenal Fan

DB’s Season Diary – Part 2 Right then, there’s been a whole lot of Arsenal going on since we last spoke, so I think the best thing is to do what Wayne Rooney does when he sees a Post Office queue on pension day and just get stuck straight into it…… Last week saw us […]

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Arsenal Legend Alan Smudger Smith, Part 1

I recently interviewed Alan Smith, ex Arsenal no 9, double Golden boot winner, 89 Anfield scorer, Scorer of the goal that beat Parma in the 1994 Uefa cup winners cup final, and a whole lot more. Alan is now a Sky commentator, and Daily Telegraph columnist. The interview covered his career on the pitch, and […]

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Olivier Giroud 19

Chelsea trio and AVB enter new game show as Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Per Mertesacker put Arsenal four points clear

Week Fifteen – Arsenal are back By the time you read this the last international break for a while will be well and truly forgotten, and we will be free to focus on The Arsenal for a few months. We are going into a crucial period now, and the fact that we are top of […]

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The Media: ‘Ugly Arsenal won’t win the Premier League in 2014 because…they couldn’t defend in 2010’

DB’s Season Diary   Week Eleven – Ups and Downs and a Bunch of Clowns So, as I missed a week last week, am I right in calling this week’s entry “Week Eleven”, bearing in mind the last entry was two weeks ago, and was titled “Week Nine”, or should I call this week’s entry […]

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Farewell Andrei, welcome home Cesc, and the statistical truth on press transfer rumours

Anti Social-Media Behaviour Aww! That was nice. I’ve had a fine relaxing break.  A nice wee trip abroad.  I should be back now, all rested and relaxed; NOT A BIT OF IT! Just my luck, I chose to go to Istanbul, of all weekends, I chose the one when the majority of the city decided to protest […]

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