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Arteta’s wingmen: Twitter poll gives insight into Gooner expectations

Out of interest: Would you rather sign a winger who got 15 goals and 5 assists last season or 5 goals and 15 assists? This isn’t a question about Arsenal. Imagine you’re put in charge of a team you’ve never seen play & you have to pick one to sign. — Dan Critchlow (@afcDW) May […]

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The Season So Far – And What We Have to Look Forward To

The Season So Far – And What We Have to Look Forward To When Arséne Wenger announced his departure in April 2018, supporters across the world were unanimous in their praise for one of the most successful managers in club football. The techniques and teachings of the old schoolmaster brought Arsenal well and truly into […]

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Everton 0-0 Arsenal: Coaches vs Fans [Positive Needs & Hopes]

COACHES vs FANS Positives, Needs and Hopes Part of me wondered if I was reaching a little with this thought. After dialing back the emotion of watching Arsenal trying to attack, I realized that these thoughts have validity….. Fans want defensive solidity and Arsenal fans would sacrifice their Granny for it. When it shows up […]

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West Ham 1-3 Arsenal: The 65th minute on December the 10th [Positives, Needs And Hopes]

The 65th minute on December the 10th Positives, Needs And Hopes In my lifetime I cannot remember a more obvious sliding doors moment since Lehmann got sent off in the Champions League final. That’s a long time. Prior to the 60th minute I was seriously considering the short term future of the club. It’s hard […]

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Arsenal 1-2 Brighton: Sometimes, the fans are right [Positive Needs & Hopes]

Sometimes, the fans are right Positives, Needs and Hopes Over the years I’ve wavered as to how I feel about how the impatient modern culture has infected football and fans in particular. I find it true that most people talk in extremes. Arsenal were brilliant. Arsenal are awful. Extreme views are much like sweeping statements, […]

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Arsenal vs. Brighton Preview: Time to test our top attacking trio, with Luiz in mid

It’s Freddie’s first home game, and would it be a sound win? Or will it end up as stony as Brighton’s beach? We ended this game 1-1 in the latter part of last season – and arguably this led to Emery’s downfall. Or at the least, it was a major catalyst in fans turning against […]

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Ljungberg must restore Arsenal’s battling qualities

With Unai Emery gone, at least caretaker manager Freddie Ljungberg knows what a winning Arsenal team looks like. The Swede made over 200 appearances for the Gunners in a nine-year spell at the club and was part of the ‘Invincibles’ team that won the Premier League title without losing a match in the 2003-04 season. […]

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Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace: ‘The Unnecessary Self Destruction of Unai Emery’

‘The Unnecessary Self Destruction of Unai Emery’ I wonder if anyone in Unai Emery’s circle will ever sit him down and tell him the truth. As and when he leaves Arsenal somebody needs to tell him that he blew up his own birthday party. Last Spring many wanted a rest from Arsenal. In a short […]

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#WeCareDoYou - Arsenal fans unite in warning to Stan #Kroenke

Something old, something new, from Adidas to Edu – Arsenal’s Summer roundup

by Matt Lorrimer-Roberts (@MattLR28) #wecaredoyou Over the past few weeks we have seen many things come out from Arsenal. You could say that whatever happens behind closed doors is becoming the main concern of our club. In full we have been told that: Transfers are done or there’s no deal (Saliba & Tierney), through a […]

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