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Time to buy the best is now

To Compete with the Elite we must buy Elite – A Simple Truth and it’s Now of Never!

It’s only April and we are already talking about the future. How ‘Arsenal’ is that! It’s been eons since I’ve posted a column and I’m sure everyone can understand why. No? You can’t? Well, OUR Arsenal did it again, fluffed their lines when it was there for the taking. Some may say we are underrating […]

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NEWSFLASH: Nobody cares about transfers, we’ve got Europe to fight for! – Woody’s Weekly Woundup

Arrrgghh!! That’s the problem with writing on a Sunday morning; my fingers look like the main street at 4am, all stale drink, piss and kebabs, not easy to type with – mmm nice. Anywho, wow! What a week! John WoodsI’m a 37 yr old Irish Gunner, and have been for 27-28 years now…. (Really 20, […]

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