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Countdown to the Big Kick-Off but still more arrivals required at Arsenal

The countdown to the premier league has begun and with it our transfer business. The last few weeks has been like a small rollercoaster in a theme park. There have been many ups with incoming players of Dani Ceballos, Nicolas Pepe and Martinelli (Saliba is not included as he returned to St Étienne to learn […]

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Arsenal’s future is bright if they give their young stars a chance to shine [Positive Needs & Hopes]

‘HOPE IN THOSE WITH THEIR SHINPADS IN THEIR HANDS’ Positives, Needs and Hopes END of SEASON REVIEW I’m sure we all have this childhood memory… We build a Lego Tower. Our sibling comes along as we near completion of said tower, and knocks it down. I may have been 6 but at the time this […]

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The Arsenal Way

The Arsenal Way – whatever the future holds for Saka and Medley, they have their Arsenal Education

In a week when Arsenal fans are again excited about the young talent being produced by the club, this fan is finding himself depressed at the debate that always follows. A statement along these lines on social media would be common – Yes, that Saka has amazing trickery and Medley seems to have wonderful composure […]

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