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Hector Bellerin- Beyond just Physical Strength and more than a Footballer

This article was written in February 2021. In the height of the pandemic, it seemed like Hector’s return would be one joy for Gunners’ fans. It wasn’t to be, but those of us who loved him will continue to do so, our blood diluted with Betis green. In the new Hector Bellerin, we see not […]

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An Exclusive Doctor’s Insight into the Old and New Bellerin, pre and post ACL

Unfortunately, injuries are part and parcel of sport especially at the elite level, and with the vast majority of them being unavoidable it often triggers a psychological response from the athlete. Whilst some minor problems can be treated with little to no disturbance on performance, others cause extended periods away from sport while inflicting significant […]

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Walking for the Arsenal to Craven Cottage to raise awareness for Men’s Mental Health

Tomorrow morning, bright and early I will be joining the above walk from The Emirates to Craven Cottage. Nine miles to help the brilliant ‘Walk and Talk MMH’ team help raise awareness of the too often ignored issues with men’s mental health. As my chosen charity ‘Future Men’ highlighted to us the advice to men, […]

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