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Palace Emirates

Wenger built a Palace fit for the Kings of London whilst Stamford Bridge is falling down

I have just returned from holidays in Benidorm. I watched all the big matches and I was surprised and disappointed to find that Arsenal supporters were thin on the ground. Thankfully though, I did not meet a single Spud. The big screens were captured by Utd, City and Liverpool and even Celtic fans! Anyway, I paid 2.4 […]

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Arsene's silhouette

How Arsene Wenger’s planning abilities make him stand apart from other managers

If you have been reading my articles regularly, you know I’m a pro-Wenger guy. There were periods when I doubted his skill, but these came before I was able to look at the wider picture, i.e. learnt to appreciate his planning abilities. Up to a certain point I was caught up in the now, unable […]

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