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Crystal Palace 1-2 Arsenal: Ozil pulls the strings as the Gunners get back on track

“Signed, sealed, delivered” Do you know where this phrase originated from? No? Neither did I until very recently. Until I started studying common law, in fact. The phrase refers to an agreement called “contract under seal”. This type of agreement is an unusual one: it places the written form above the consideration (consideration is that […]

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Alexis Sanchez

Crystal Palace preview: only a win will do so will Alexis be risked and will Ramsey play?

If there are positives to be gleaned from a defeat, then the discussion it generates is surely one of these. While you can praise your team after a win only so many times, there are endless ways to dissect why it has lost. Of course it’s all a bit exaggerated: there is no sure way […]

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