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Time to buy the best is now

To Compete with the Elite we must buy Elite – A Simple Truth and it’s Now of Never!

It’s only April and we are already talking about the future. How ‘Arsenal’ is that! It’s been eons since I’ve posted a column and I’m sure everyone can understand why. No? You can’t? Well, OUR Arsenal did it again, fluffed their lines when it was there for the taking. Some may say we are underrating […]

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The Player Arsenal need?

Tonight in Busquets we face the Prototype of the player Arsenal need

Tonight we are facing arguably the best defensive midfielder in Europe – and 7-times Dive of the Year award winner – Sergio Busquets.  I hate to write this but he’s the prototype of the player we’re missing at the moment: extremely comfortable with both feet, well disciplined and aware of his positioning, tidy on the […]

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We need the Coq hole filed swiftly

There is a Coq shaped hole in Arsenal’s Title Charge and our away form without him confirms it

This season, more than any other, the game is well and truly afoot. We are the best team in the land for the first time in over a decade and in the driving seat for the title. However there are two main obstacles in our way staring us in the face. One is the age-old […]

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Time for Abou once more?

Can a fit Abou Diaby be Arsenal’s new Defensive Shield?

Arsenal is a team who will always have to defend counter-attacks, and aim to halt other offensive teams in their tracks, especially with the recently adopted 4-1-4-1 formation. But they would hardly achieve that with a stagnant anchor or a clumsy screener in the middle of the park. A different route might have to be […]

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Cesc Fabregas will return to Arsenal and reject Manchester United and here is why

Gunners Town Top 5 I imagine I’m not the only one who is feeling this way, but my god does it grind my gears to hear the words ‘Cesc Fabregas’, ‘joining’ and ‘Manchester United’ in the same sentence, especially when those suck-asses at Sky Sports News are practically gagging for him to make Old Trafford […]

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The unbalanced Cesc Fabregas needs to say adiós to Barcelona

​La Liga Vibes​ It’s recently been rumoured that Cesc Fabregas may be returning to Arsenal in the summer. Whilst I’m not his biggest fan, after he went on strike and was quite unprofessional about leaving the Emirates, I’d still take him back in a heartbeat. Cesc is a player who has the potential to be […]

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