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Predicting Arsenal’s 2021 Europa League triumph with a bit of fun and an NLD en route!

I will be bravely or perhaps foolishly predicting Arsenal’s 2020/21 Europa League triumph. Detailing Arsenal’s road through-out the tournament knockout stages, road to the final and eventual victory in the final held at the chosen venue, the Stadion Energa Gdańsk. Here’s how Arsenal will win their first *modern* European trophy: Group Stage Ah, the Europa […]

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Nicolas Pepe – Long Overdue speed and dancing feet, to get us Gooners out of our seat

Liverpool’s dominance at Anfield on Sunday acted as a reminder, not that anyone really needed reminding, that the Premier League is a two horse race. Following the team’s lacklustre performance, to be considered anything other than also rans would be an insult to the shadows which Arsenal chased on Saturday. And yet, the mood remains […]

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dele alli yellow

Media Darlings: diving, cheating, thuggish Spurs can do no wrong

Another incredible weekend of Barclays action just gone, which as usual was short on actual quality but long indeed on drama. I’d like to talk about Spurs if I may. As an Arsenal fan it’s difficult to have an opinion on them without being called biased or one eyed, and that’s often very true, tribalism […]

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DOPE - Arséne Wenger | ©2016 @invinciblog |

If you believe Wenger is a Failure, you’re Deluded. Here’s why.

Introduction I don’t know how to break this to you gently – so I’m just going to come out and say it… If you have been clamouring for Arséne Wenger’s departure based on any reason other than you’re throwing an emotional hissy-fit of entitlement and frustration – then you are, at best, seriously misguided, and at worst, […]

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Premier League trophy

Have Arsenal truly missed their best chance in a decade to win the league? Maybe/Maybe Not!

The lion’s share of our fans’ disappointment at how this season is shaping out to be is linked with a simple fact: our traditional rivals are underperforming. City and United are 4th and 5th respectively, while Chelsea sit in 10th place. In a campaign where all the big boys are struck with such a malaise, […]

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Arsene Wenger

Arsene should know best but is this season proving he doesn’t?

I would like to start this piece by apologising to you, my readers, for I haven’t written home for quite some time. Going over the horror show that was the United defeat sapped me of my last drops of energy and desire to write about the Gunners and the surrender to Swansea did little to […]

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Le Hairdryeur, Spudgate, Beckham & more…

What’s the score?! Welcome to another week of “What’s the score with Jeremy Lebor”. A lot has been going on this week both on and off the pitch, so there is a lot to get through! Before getting into this week’s column, again, a huge thank you to all of our writers for their sterling and illuminating posts […]

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Beat the bookies against Newcastle United with the Gunners Town Tipster

Gunners Town Tipster It’s that time again. The last weekend of the Premier League, where we can hopefully take some cash from the Bookies; the least said about last week’s tips the better! As usual let’s start by looking for some value with The Arsenal. Arsenal to finish in the top four are 4/11 with […]

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