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The fruits of patience: Club, Owner, Manager and Fans poised for Arsenal success [WAT 2-3 ARS]

The fruits of patience We are now in a position where our relationship with Arsene Wenger can be purely romantic.  We don’t have to remember the frustrations. We can rewind to the first 10 years and see his legacy with the fog of the recent past subsided. We remember not only the titles but how […]

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A deeper dive into Tomiyasu and his role in Arsenal’s victory against Watford

Prior to the season commencing, there was no denying that Arsenal were in desperate need of a right back. But not just any right back, someone who possessed a profile that stylistically suited the plan Mikel Arteta had in mind. Max Aarons and Emerson Royal were linked with moves to the Emirates, but neither of […]

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Wenger was a Reptilian and talked to Aliens!! – Top 8 Arsenal Conspiracy Theories- Buffetgate, Lasagnegate and so many more

Plots. Sinister dealings. These words may come to mind when you think conspiracy theories. In our everyday lives we are surrounded by conspiracy claims, from the Moon landing, to Religion, to Government laws. Anywhere you look, a conspiracy could arise. In Football there are many conspiracies at play, from a simple ‘’they cheated’’ or ‘’everyone […]

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Last Chance Saloon for Arsenal to rescue a wretched season – 2020 Review

So the Premier League has finally finished. (A little later this year then originally planned!). With the Gunners having to face another game this weekend in the FA Cup final, the countdown is on to the finale. This season will have made an ever lasting impression on those associated with the club. In short – […]

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Caveat: we’re not very good – discussing Arsenal’s win over Watford and prospects against Chelsea (Episode 15)

Episode 15S “Preparing for the Cup Final • Maximizing Creativity” The lads take a look at the Watford game, digest a season that can ‘get in the bin’ and look ahead to the FA Cup Final against Chelsea. With a fair bit of worry. Another bite-sized chunk of Arsenalness delivered fresh to your cranium. Tune […]

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We can TRUST Arteta to be the first coach since George Graham to build a defence we can TRUST

Can we sign Trust? I don’t trust Arsenal. I don’t think I have for over 10 years. My son and I get comfortable and excited on the couch. Out Arsenal run. My son looks at me. He does it every game. It’s a mix of fear and adrenaline I see in his face. He’s only […]

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Preparing for the Cup Final • Maximizing Creativity [Talking Tactics – Episode 14]

Episode 14T “Preparing for the Cup Final • Maximizing Creativity” Our resident tactics experts (and Gav) discuss the upcoming Watford game – and whether it should be used as a test-run for the Cup Final against Chelsea. Mike and Woz also explore ways of getting more link-up between our midfield and attack in the current, […]

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Same old Arsenal 2-2 Watford: same mistakes, same weaknesses, same result! [with Player Ratings]

Watford 2-2 Arsenal Premier League Review – 15th Sept., 2019 – Vicarage Road, Watford     Same old Arsenal. Always a bad culture.. It always creases me up when I hear the chant “same old Arsenal; always cheating!” It often arises when we’re awarded a foul, and one that is legitimate per the IFAB Laws […]

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Watford 2-2 Arsenal – Emery Left Naked as abject Gunners make Watford look mighty. [Positive Needs & Hopes]

‘EMERY LEFT NAKED’ I’m jumping straight into this one…. Holding, Tierney and Bellerin should make us better but we didn’t capitulate in the second half because those three weren’t playing. When you’ve allowed more shots (96) than any team in any of the top 5 leagues in Europe this season, it’s the coach. Just FYI… […]

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deeney torreira elbow

Watford 0-1 Arsenal: 3 points without pressing, impressing or showing any cojones – we’ll take that! [Positive Needs & Hopes]

‘4 points, 2 points or none’ POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I have no interest in working at FIFA. Well, I might take a medium sized bung then take a sabbatical to Montego Bay for 30 years! I also don’t think that they should change the 3 points for a win system. It’s fine. When I […]

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