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Football Stars and Endorsements – Huge Business

Football Stars and endorsements Athletes are extremely influential. A recognizable face in sports can go a very long way in promoting a product or a service. Having a marketable sporting figure can dramatically increase a company’s profit. On the other side, for the athlete, agreeing to endorsement deals can improve public persona, revenue and create […]

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Sad Truth: The ‘Leader’ Arsenal Seeks May Not Even Exist

During the thrashing at Bayern, a commentator remarked on the lack of leadership in the Arsenal squad – something we’re all well familiar with – as he rightly pointed out there was no one on the field who was willing to calm the players down or ensure Arsenal maintained their structure; which they had done […]

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Wenger v Mourinho or Arsenal v Man United, still suffering ‘Post Alex Ferguson Stress Disorder?

The International Break is over at on Saturday lunch-time The Arsenal are back, and back at the home of one of our traditional rivals. Most of us hate Spurs the most, it’s our cultural DNA. But United, possibly due to the Wenger/Sir Alex rivalry, rank highly. And whilst many United fans don’t like us, they […]

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Goals guaranteed but at what cost?

The Case for Arsenal NOT signing Ibrahimović – The maths says £2 million per goal

I am pleased and honoured to add my contrary view to this article which originated from a well-respected writer for Gunners Town, my friend Andrea Rosetti. I agree that Zlatan Ibrahamovich has been and still is a very accomplished footballer and if the offer to sign him had come up 4 years ago, I would […]

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Yes Please

The Case for Arsenal signing Ibrahimović – The Case for Arsenal signing a Winner

What would you say if you were offered the chance to sign Zlatan Ibrahimović? I would say yes, loud and clear. He might be old, he might be expensive and he might be full of himself but what a striker the Swede is! After an enjoyable discussion with Victor (@GunnerVic1946,) another GT contributor on Twitter, […]

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World Class Striker? You’re having a laugh.

Another brilliant post from Gunners Town guest writer @petitsponytail. Be sure to follow him on Twitter… — World class striker? You’re having a laugh Every day since this Godforsaken painstaking transfer window opened all I’ve seen is people calling for this mythical world class striker. It’s quite simple, my fellow Gooners – there’re only six […]

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Mathieu Flamini 14

Barca and Madrid scrap over Nicklas Bendtner, Mathieu Flamini in sleeves war and Wojciech Szczesny extends his Arsenal stay

Interlull, interdull, interlol. Whatever you want to call it, we seem to have had a huge amount of international breaks recently since the start of the season, and even just before the Premier League campaign got underway if you will remember. I’m sure we never usually have this many, but it seems as if every […]

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