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Submit an image of an Arsenal-related “defining moment“, along with a short description, and stand to win a rare Artist’s Proof of the iconic “Return Of The King” screenprint by talented Gooner artist, Matthew Slaymaker.

It could be a moment in Arsenal history, meeting a Gunner legend, or the decisive moment in an important game… If you have an experience to share that you believe is a defining moment in the history of the club, or in your experience as a Gooner, simply email your entry to the “Defining Moment” competition here – and you could win this fantastic collectible artwork.

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Submission Example:  “Noooooooooooo!”

by Gunners Town


A defining moment in Arsenal’s history. Robin van Persie reacts to Arséne Wenger’s substitution of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the 2011/2012 Manchester United home fixture. (Which Arsenal ended up losing 1-2).

The whole world watched as Arsenal’s prolific captain seemed to openly question the manager’s decision to replace the on-fire Ox with an out-of-form Andrey Arshavin, despite his assist in Arsenal’s only goal.

The Emirates crowd seemed to agree with van Persie, loudly booing Wenger.

After the match, van Persie said, “I was not having a go at the boss on Sunday – I was just sad to see Alex leave the pitch as he just gave the assist for our only goal.

“I was not questioning his judgement – I know it’s not my place to challenge what Arsene Wenger does. Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain had a calf injury. We did not know that but the boss did and brought Andrey Arshavin on.

“The manager and I are fine and my relationship with the club is good. There is no problem, there is no conflict and there is no controversy.”

A few weeks later van Persie left to join rivals Manchester United., citing a lack of ambition at Arsenal.

Is this the moment that Arsenal lost their prolific Captain?

I think so.


“The Rest Of The Invincibles”


A defining moment in Arsenal’s history. Sol Campbell and Thierry Henry laying down on Highbury pitch after celebrating Arsenal’s title in the 2003/2004 Leicester City Home fixture. (Which Arsenal ended up winning 2-1).

Two of the main reasons of Arsenal incredible unbeaten run relaxing on the ground, enjoying the moment and perhaps thinking of just having re-write the history’s books.

In 2012 Arsenal’s “invincibles”, who finished the entire season unbeaten, was voted as Best Team in Premier League history.

During the celebration Sol Campbell said “This season we magical – We played some fantastic football this season, we tremendous”. The frenchman added “People will remember that the season 2003/2004 we were unbeatable”.

This is the moment that put Arsenal in football’s history.


“The way the Away End sung…”

I took this in Milan in 2012, for my first Champions League away game. I was 15 at the time, and was devastated at us losing 4-0. However, I feel this picture shows just how well supported our club is, as the 3,000 fans in the San Siro sung throughout, even for the 45 minutes after the game ended when we were prevented from leaving the stadium. As I am relatively young, I pretty much missed the glory days of Arsenal Football Club, and as this was Thierry Henry’s last game I thought it fitting I saw just a little bit of the magic of the Invincibles in the flesh. The way the away end sung “Thierry Henry” over and over, deep into the night, just defines what being part of Arsenal really means to me.

“Marc Overmars scores against Man Utd

in the race for the title 1997/98 season.”

My first trip to Old Trafford was one of mixed emotions. After a very heavy night out, no sleep and an early start I was feeling very fragile. At least until this moment!

I, probably along with Arsenal supporters around the world, felt that this was the defining moment of this season, Wenger’s first full season in charge.

We had been written off by most for winning the league, but this was the game and the moment where people started to understand the belief that we held.

A great memory, and one that will always be remembered by Arsenal supporters.

“Farewell To Highbury”

Just short of 30 years after my first visit on the day we finished 4th and kept Spurs out of the Champions League, I sat in the North Bank, where I had stood as a teenager, crying, completely overwhelmed by the occasion. The Roger Daltry song composed for the final farewell, the ex-players parading around the pitch, and being there with my 10 year old son – named after my hero Liam Brady. A truly bitter sweet moment. One that has defined our recent history as it heralded a move to the new Ashburton Grove 60000-plus stadium, and I hope it will define our destiny in the longer term.

Arsenal’s Defence against Sunderland.

After January we were way off the pace again and the miracle seemed like a far fetched idea to finish 4th again somehow. Some laughed and some just wanted all this to FF to Aug 2013. But mid-feb something happened.

And that is the defence’s performance in Feb against Sunderland.

We defended a 1-0 lead with 10 men and the performance by the  defenders (specially Sagna and his towering headers) instilled lot < span style=”font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.68em;”>of belief in the fans and the whole squad. I feel this belief is what saw us see out more of such results as we amassed 26/30 finally, and heaved a sigh of relief.

The moment that changed the world.

The first time The Arsenal had signed anyone and I literally had an intake of breath, almost as though the most beautiful woman had started walking over to talk to ME!

In my eyes, The Arsenal just didn’t sign world stars, so the news that we’d signed Bergkamp stopped me in my tracks.

Everyone knows what he went on to achieve with The Arsenal, helping to change the world perception of our club.

Dennis Bergkamp went on to become my favourite player of all time.

This is my defining moment.

Mr. Arsenal Soaks It Up

image I have chosen is of Tony Adams celebrating scoring a truly memorable goal
against Everton. The way he throws his arms in the air and drinks in the
goodwill of all the crowd is one I will never ever forget. The Cherry on top of
a great Season for so many reasons.

Booing Eboue

For me, this game had a defining moment, not just for our beloved club, but for football the world over. It was the day us Arsenal fans booed one of our own players so badly he left the pitch in tears. I will never forget that day: to see one of our most resilient players become a victim of such abuse from our fans was heart breaking. Yes he was playing badly, but he was one of ours!! Where was the support?

Since leaving Highbury we have lost our solidarity as a unit. The fans just don’t get behind the players enough, and the game against Wigan in ’08 was testament to that.

Please Guys – for the love of the club! – we can never emulate that day we turned on one of our own.

Signing Titi

For me and the club, signing Thierry Henry surely has to go down as one of the most defining moments in our history.

When Arsene Wenger sold promising young striker Nicholas Anelka to Real Madrid for huge money, little did we know he would use those funds so well. It would be some of the best spent money that the game of football would ever witness.

I had my doubts when Thierry Henry, the fast but highly erratic Juventus winger, was added to the Arsenal ranks. Following a slow start in his first few games, Thierry opened his account with the winner in a 1-0 against Southampton, and we would soon know that this was the beginning of a beautiful ménage-a-trois relationship between Henry, the ball and the back of the net!

I don’t think anyone would argue that Thierry Henry was one of the greatest players and most feared strikers that the English game has ever seen, and the honours & accolades he achieved at Arsenal speak for themselves:  a record-breaking 226 goals (before his brief return took the tally to 228!), 2 league titles, 3 FA cups, ‘Invincible’, 4 time golden boot winner, club captain and the player who gave Highbury the fitting send-off it deserved with a special hat-trick. The list is endless.

I can recall numerous times when we saw his moments of sublime skill, deft touches, watching him drift out to the left to pick up the ball before beating 3 players and scoring with ‘that’ trademark finish in the far corner. The guy was just magic.

For me this picture – The signing of perhaps the greatest player to ever wear the Cannon – was undoubtedly a history defining moment for our Club.

My First Arsenal Shirt

My defining moment picture is quite simple.  It is me in my first Arsenal shirt in 1969. The classic style made of 100% cotton!  It had a number 7 – as I played ‘left wing’ – on the back that my mum had to sew on and was made out of white cotton strips from an old sheet. I loved it.

From then on not only was I a true fan but I also played for Arsenal!

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