Variety is key to Arsenal’s future

WTTGT Writer: Thomas Koornhof

Arsenal are arguably the most aesthetically pleasing team to watch in the English Premier League, and perhaps second only to Barcelona in world football. The only problem is while it may look ‘pretty’ on the pitch, it’s not always going to win trophies.

Arsenal’s key to acquiring some silverware for the 2011/2012 season is variety. With variety, they also have adaptability too.

Now unfortunately, we have witnessed many an occasion where Arsenal have dominated possession and appeared to have been the stronger team. Clearly, possession does not translate into goals, and appearing to be stronger does not win you the game… mostly in Arsenal’s case anyway.

It is a failure to change tactics when presented with different scenarios, and a sheer stubbornness to admit a sometimes ineffective recipe that often sees the Gunners come up short.

In order to adapt to various scenarios, Arsenal need to have the players to do so. In defence, Arsène Wegner has pointed out that height is an issue when defending corners/crosses.

Hopefully, true to his word, Wenger will look to bring in a player, or players, with height to try plug up this defensive frailty. I’d suggest that Wegner also spends some of the money available on bringing in some players that bring more options to Arsenal’s attack.

Quality wingers that can provide dangerous crosses consistently are needed (Downing, Hazard to name but a few). The likes of Walcott and Sagna are just too inconsistent, thereby forcing Arsenal to resort back to the heart of their attack – passing the ball into the box.

What is also needed is a player that provides a real aerial threat to meet these crosses (Gervinho, Chamakh could fill this role).

Van Persie is more comfortable shooting with his feet than with his head. If Arsène can encourage more shooting from outside the box, this could also provide more opportunities to score. Nasri is more than capable of letting loose from further outside the box

For now, everyone will just have to wait to see who Wenger decides to sign. Hopefully he can realise that his winning recipe requires a couple of extra spicy ingredients.

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