Fabba to go, in Nasri we trust

WTTGT Writer: Thomas Koornhof

With all the hype resurfacing about Fabregas’ departure from Arsenal, it is safe to say many supporters fear the worst. On the other end of the conundrum, some supporters have clearly just had enough already and couldn’t care less anymore!

Firstly, it is obvious how much skill and talent that Fabregas brings to Arsenal’s game. He will most definitely be a huge signing if Barcelona, Inter Milan or Man City manages to lure him away from the Emirates.

Fabregas is a great playmaker and has also proven that he can score goals. He’s arguably the complete midfielder. However, I feel that his departure is not all ‘doom and gloom’.

In Samir Nasri we have a midfielder who is also highly talented. Despite the recent contract disagreements between Nasri and Arsène Wenger, whether it be for a higher salary or a tactic to delay the situation, after Fabregas he is our most important player. Arsène needs him to put pen on paper as soon as possible if Cesc does leave, regardless of cost.

It is no secret that Nasri would like to assume the role of a central midfielder, a position more suited to his game than playing wide. If Fabregas was to leave, the position would surely then be his for the taking.

He is a more direct attacking option than Fabregas is, and more adept at shooting from range. He still provides a good passing game between the attacking players which would compensate for Fabregas’ departure.

He might not produce the same consistently, the deft chips and the smooth through passes that Arsenal’s current captain offers, but he is still pretty darn good at it.

Nasri will be more threatening when shooting at goal than the Spaniard which is something Arsenal have lacked in recent years. If something can be learnt by Arsenal’s trophy drought, it is that no matter how good they look or how much possession they retain, they do lack that certain ‘killer instinct’ and ‘winning ugly’ mentality.

The fact is, we as supporters want to see our team raise a trophy above their heads in triumph, pretty football or no pretty football.

Let’s not forget that with Fabregas’ departure, Arsenal will surely get a huge sum of money to play with.

This money can be used to also buy the experienced defender that everyone is demanding (perhaps Cahill or Samba), with a huge chunk left to buy a quality forward.

Going back to Nasri assuming the central midfielder position, it’s a mouthwatering proposition to have the Frenchman playing behind Van Persie, as well as another top quality striker.

Nasri is good enough, so let Fabregas go if he wants to go.

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4 Responses to Fabba to go, in Nasri we trust

  1. andy June 8, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    As much as I love Cesc, If he goes it will not be the end of Arsenal. We have Ramsey who can give back up to Nasri as well and we would just have to buy class players in any other needed position (most obviously Final Attack and Defence).

  2. Andrew in Ottawa June 8, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    I couldn't agree more with this post. Bang on.

  3. Lewis June 8, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    Have to disagree with how much you rate Narsri. A sensational opening third to the season does not justify the same wages of our captain, who has been an integral part of our squad since 04-05, in the first 11 since 05-06 and our talisman since 07-08. As good as Nasri is, he can get on his bike after flirting with the possibility of going to Utd, the wages he's demanding are disrespectful to the fans. We're the ones who fork out for shirts, tickets and other merchandise that contribute to their wages, and we should see more than 3 great months for another player to demand the wages of the amazing Cesc. Au revoir Ceec, was great watching you play.

    (Also, second most important player??? Three words: Robin Van Persie!!!!)

    Come on you gooners!!!!!!!!!

  4. Darren June 8, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    Good point on RVP, he is deffo the 2nd dog in the camp, if not the 1st! However, I agree with keeping Nasri and moving him infield bidding farewell to Cesc.

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