Raiding the rivals

WTTGT Writer: Lewis Kyriacou

Arsenal’s main areas of weakness, assuming they keep Cesc and Nasri this summer are arguably:

  • the goalkeeper’s slot
  • a commanding centre half
  • a second top quality striker
  • some genuine width

So given the option of one free steal from each of our rivals, who would I want in the Arsenal team?

Well to start with, let’s face it, we wouldn’t want any Spurs players so they’re ruled out of this speculative exercise…

In the back for I’d look to Man United’s Nemanja Vidić. He’s a rock at the back; dogged and uncompromising but still has great skill in winning the ball. Someone of his talent would have made our defence more solid by himself last season, and his commanding presence would have knocked our mistake-prone defenders into shape so leadership would be another great bonus.

From Merseyside I’d steal Liverpool’s goalkeeper, Pepe Reina. He has bags of Premier League experience and the only mistake I can remember him ever making was against us; so he’s won us one point already! Many Gunners think that Szczęsny’s performances have earned him the number one jersey next season, but if we could have Reina it wouldn’t be much of a contest. Szczęsny is clearly the best we have, but he still has a long way to go to be a Championship winning ‘keeper, which is time we don’t have right now.

I’d love Didier Drogba to join us up front from London rivals, Chelsea. The cynic in me only wants him so he could stop scoring against us! There is no denying, however, he’s just what we need. He’s a previous golden boot winner, who’s great in the air and gives most defenders a nightmare; the kind of striker who can finish fantastically, as well as bully defenders when fine passing doesn’t do the trick.

So who’d I take from City? Well, I’d have someone a bit unorthodox from what you might have imagined. I’d nick Adam Johnson to give us our width. Whilst Silva has a stunning left foot, has played more games and is arguably better, I’d say Silva is more of a playmaker which we already have in Wilshere.

Our three main ‘wingers,’ Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott all started in the centre of the park. Johnson would give us genuine width, pace and trickery. That width would give us a more direct style of play, creating chances that Van Persie, Chamakh and hypothetically Drogba.

But, back to reality. None of these lads will become Gooners. But if Wenger can acquire these kind of players to bolster the team, we’ll have a great chance… ‘if’ is the operative word.

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  1. [email protected] June 11, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    Keep on dreaming mate….we av all been dreaming of a trophy for d past 6yrs and all we get is an Emirate plastic cup

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