My first game: Lewis Kyriacou

WTTGT Writer: Lewis Kyriacou

I was, believe it or not, uninterested in football until I was nearly 11. When I came to my senses, I was spoilt for my first live game at Highbury.

It was against Bolton in September 2002, and what a match!

We bought tickets from season ticket holders, so my dad and I were in with the hardcore supporters. We were all buzzing when the ref awarded the Gunners a penalty only 10 minutes in, but Henry uncharacteristically missed it. He then went on to score which calmed all our nerves.

Then the second half came.  A fluky Wanderers cross beat Seamen from out wide. Then Henry “scored” which would have restored our lead, but was ruled out for an earlier offside.

Campo, on a yellow, showed dissent and back then the season tickets came in little red wallets. We all began waving demanding a red, and the ref duly obliged.

We laid siege to the Bolton defence, but as time ticked away, a winning goal appeared to escape us with some fans leaving early. Then in the fourth and final minute of injury time, a cross into the box was met by the gangly right leg of Nwankwo Kanu to give Arsenal the victory. I’m sure my throat still hasn’t recovered from the cheering.

A game which has a disallowed goal, a missed penalty, a sending off, a fluky equaliser and a last minute winner is memorable in anyone’s book.

When it’s your first live match; well that’s just special.


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