Gunners secure £128m signing

WTTGT Writer: Jake Harvey

After news that Barrett Homes have secured a £128m contract to start building residential housing by the Emirates, do Arsenal fans think that this is a positive or negative development?

Barrett claim that the housing will be a popular decision amongst the Gunners faithful but is it really something which is likely to add a great deal to the fans.  The three tower blocks which are going to be built could have an adverse effect on the stature of the eye catching Emirates.

Arsenal director, Ken Friar has stated that the tower blocks are the final piece of the Islington Borough regeneration project and aims to show that the club are doing things for the local community.

The housing will range from studio flats to penthouse suites costing around £500k. The development is likely to see Arsenal club shares rise which will undoubtedly please the likes of Usmanov and Kroenke.

At prices which have been floated about, many of the average Arsenal fans will not see any beneficiary as more business and economically minded ‘fans’ grab the new housing on the Emirates doorstep.

Furthermore, contrary to some ideas, the club’s share price rising does not mean added funds to Wenger’s transfer purse.

What are your views on the construction, are you bothered in the slightest? 

Is there a risk that Arsenal may attract additional business fans without a passion for the club, meaning less chance for young families to get tickets?

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