The answer to Arsenal’s defensive woes

WTTGT Writer: John Montanye

There has been much talk over the past two years of Arsenal’s defensive frailty, and it has been completely accurate. What can Arséne do to fix this problem during the current transfer window?

Most have called for the signing of at least one of four prominent defenders; Samba, Cahill, Jagielka or Vertonghen. In addition to signing one of these players, there is a lot of talk about replacing Clichy with a new left-back.

I for one have a better solution!

Let Clichy go to PSG for the reported fee of £15m. Take that fee and re-invest in a second centre half and move Vermaelen to left back; there TV5 has previous experience while playing for Ajax.

This is a much more stable line-up than one that would feature a Clichy or Gibbs, or even a new signing.

Clichy for all of his pace and what appears to be hard work, is prone to costly mistakes. While his positioning is horrible, his mental lapses are even worse. How many times have you seen Gael play a striker onside because of a lack of concentration?

Gibbs on the other hand shows he has talent to play in the position. He is still rather raw and inexperienced to be called upon at this early stage of his career. He needs a run of games in the Carling Cup and less important matches to increase his confidence and give him a further taste of what to expect in the Premiership.

The incorporation of a new signing would only take time to develop the chemistry needed at the back to challenge for silverware now!

Dream for a minute of the back four featuring Sagna, Cahill, Vertonghen and Vermaelen. Or perhaps a combination of Sagna, Samba, Cahill, TV5. Either of these combinations would see us finally lift a trophy and this is obviously a decision worth looking at.

Let’s hope that Arséne decides that we not only need some defensive reinforcements, but some defensive ingenuity to solve our long lasting problems at the back.

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