Taking the Tweets: Legend #lessthanimpressed

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Lee Dixon – #notconvinced

With the annual circus that is the summer transfer window in full swing, the actions of some Arsenal stars are making the majority of the headlines.

Such antics are clearly not appreciated by Gunners legend, Lee Dixon, retweeting a particularly relevant quote this week: “lu•cre (lo͞okər). Noun: Money, esp. when regarded as sordid or distasteful or gained in a dishonorable way. Samir Nasri I’m looking at you.”

Apparently, Dixon isn’t convinced by Nasri’s feeble attempts to justify holding the club to ransom over a new contract.

Craig Eastmond – #outoftheloop

Arsenal fans have every right to feel left out of the loop during the summer months, with the club notoriously secretive regarding any transfer dealings and uncertainty surrounding the futures of so many.

It now appears that some members of the first-team squad feel equally oblivious to what the squad may look like come the start of the season, with Craig Eastmond tweeting on his first day return to training: “On route 2 training ground, let’s c who’s in 2day then!”.

I think all fans would appreciate if Craig could let them know as soon as he has established exactly who is missing!

Emmanuel Frimpong – #HenriBecks

However, not all is doom and gloom, despite the lack of players arriving and supposed mass exodus of current stars just around the corner.

Emmanuel Frimpong has thrown his full support behind fellow youth-team member, Henri Lansbury: “@Hlansbury #Arsenals own Becks can’t wait to see you Monday”

Whether Henri Lansbury is worthy of such comparisons is yet to be seen.

However, even if Lansbury fails to live up to such high expectations, at least Craig Eastmond has two confirmed names to join him on the trip to the Far East.

Let’s hope it is not just the three of them!

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