The voice of a frustrated Arsenal fan

WTTGT Writer: Dean Scott

They say 24 hours is a long time in politics…

Let me tell you something my friends, being an Arsenal fan right now is like being an expectant father whose partner is three months overdue, and still no offspring. Let me explain…

When another underwhelming Arsenal season was flushed down the toilet, I thought right, this pre-season is going to get me excited for next season.

I hoped that the poor players would be sold and better players would arrive with the promise of an active pre-season, lots of buying and selling, yet here we are early July and nobody apart from an 18/19 year old, whose name I can’t remember because frankly it doesn’t matter. He’s just another English bloke arriving to improve our reserve-team and in time, probably moving onto another club having played three games in the Carling Cup over his contract.

Anyway I digress, so with additions of Premier League experienced players on their way I get up every morning, put on Sky Sports News, watching for the beautiful phrase ‘Arsenal sign …,’  and yet like an expectant father it’s another false labour.

We have been linked with Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cahill, both Gary and Tim, Samba, some Argie who said he ‘dreamt of playing for Arsenal’ and has since signed for Inter Milan, Gervinho (the bloke with a forehead as big as my front door), and any striker you care to mention, yet still no WOW signing.

I may be one of the few Arsenal fans who don’t actually care anymore about Cesc and Nasri leaving; Cesc deserves to go to Barca as he isn’t going to get any better at Arsenal. At the moment we aren’t getting any better and Nasri going after a good six months doesn’t make him the next Frank Worthington and so I say goodbye Sammy.

Another part of my day is thinking about how Arsenal transfers seem to take forever, Gervinho for example has been signing for weeks. He’ll be entitled to a testimonial the day after he signs it’s been dragging on so long. Manchester United have signed three players quickly yet despite rumours of bid for Cahill and Samba, nothing has happened!

Finally, the final part of my frustrating day in the life of an Arsenal fan takes place when I look at the official Arsenal website and it shows pre-season players back for training. Now if I was a really good player and I turned up and saw the motley crew of players there, I would think I have gone to a different London Colony, and instead arrived at exercise day in the local young offender’s institute.

Being a recent dad, I am telling you from experience that a day in the life of an Arsenal fan is a day full of false labour.

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11 Responses to The voice of a frustrated Arsenal fan

  1. John July 7, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    A refreshing post. Well done.Arsenal is a great club with a great future but this uncertainty is hard to take. I'm prepared to reserve judgement for a few months but it would be preferable if incoming players were in place early, to ensure that Arsenal get off to a good, confident start.

  2. Mo July 7, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

    You're not alone, I've worn out my refresh button for skysport
    news on my laptop – lol

  3. July 7, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    hey dude i think all or majority of arsenal supporters feel the same, the arsenal board are not realistically interested in success or trophies, if they where you invest, common knowledge among buisness people is if you can improve income you invest in an area where income will be achieved, over the last 6 years in wengers reign it has proven, we are a feeder club for man city, and other clubs, and in stead of replacing qaulity with quality he buys kids, if we had proplems last year we will have more this year, i be very surprised if fabregas does not leave, and nasri, and to be honest i feel for these players and if they move on good luck to them football is about winning unfourtunately arsenal dont want to be winning unless it is in the pockets of the board, i still by my stance if wenger does not buy quality players we will be fighting relegation, we do not have a squad strong enough for the rigours of the prem, we are ripped off on ticket proces, yet what we pay we should be wtching barcelona, the club is in turmoil, and i think this will be a telling year we will see maybe i be wrong but so far i have not, if you where planning for new season you would have had targets lined up, we are now 2 week in july still no trnsfers even sunderland have inproved their squad more than us that tells a story.

  4. zdzis July 7, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    I'm sorry for you, my days are perhaps a trifle less dramatic, but still not as happy as I thought they would be.
    Still, with every day I'm more and more convinced that (1) it's simply a matter of time, and (2) it's quite possible that no one besides insiders have any clue about what should actually be done to improve Arsenal's record next season. Examples: before last season Wilshere was just a talented junior Gunner; now he's a mainstay. Szczesny was 3rd in pecking order, now he's a confident challenger for the 1st spot. Nasri has had lackluster seasons, but then he suddenly shifted gears. What I'm saying is some of the answers to the questions that irk so many fans are safely within reach.
    The second problem is the media overload. I really think Arsenal might be sole contender for the title of “media favourite.” Despite the fact that very little happens at the club, every media outlet seems bent on writing something about Arsenal. Needless to say, most of that attention is devoted to transfer speculation, unfounded in a majority of cases. This is painful, but I don't think it boils down to Wenger's unwillingness to spend the transfer funds or his inability to act fast. If he did buy just after the season's end, we'd read articles about the sorry state of Arsenal's finances or the “crisis” of overabundance in talented players.
    The current post-season has led me to lose some of my faith in Wenger et al., but it has also taught me to treat all media revelations very critically. Sadly, there seems to be no other way to deal with the current situation.

  5. July 7, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    Don't mean to be pedantic but isn't Jenkinson Finnish?

  6. July 7, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    The question has been asked “has Nasri burnt his bridges” so far as Arsenal fans are concerned? I`m beginning to think he is not alone.

  7. July 7, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    I agree I speak with other fans and they all feel the same, we're a laughing stock and as our two best players leave as diaby roisiky denilson bender vela almunia squillaci and Chamack collectively pick up over a combined million quid a week in wages quite frankly we are having the urine extracted out of us by the manager and board!!! United took a similar beating to us at the hands of barca so instead of making every excuse under the sun to sign players Fergie goes out gets his man integrates them from day one of pre season and bobs your uncle they win the league and laugh at the once decent contenders AKA Arsenal! Until we fans do something this will not change, are the in Araene we trust brigades days numbered???

  8. July 7, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    A brilliant comment with which I agree entirely. As a supporter since the 1930's, I've seen Arsenal in triumph and in disaster. Either way the Club has always been news. The problem today is that massed media coverage is coupled with the impatience of fans who believe that they are privy to the wheeling and dealing at managerial level at the Emirates. In fact they are not and never will be.
    There are professionals at the Club who are not members of the playing staff but are nevertheless vital to its operation.
    Scouts, medicos, coaches and negotiators, all responslble to the Manager must be allowed to carry out their duties with the full support of all fans.
    There is no special virtue in quick signings during a transfer Window, when measured care in determining the right type of player is of greater importance.
    In all close seasons, fans can play a vital role in not believing most of the media coverage and at the same time giving quiet, patient support to the Manager and his staff.

  9. July 7, 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    I am Arab, and we tend to have patience over anything else, but this season has been by far the worst season ever, we had a great team (young talent) which actually made it to the top of the league in the start of the EPL and all of a sudden we closed the chapter at 4th place. The board members are insane assholes, if you close a financial year with profit and no loans, why the hell should you bank it all in. I thought in business when you made more, you'd actually spend even more to get the best out of it.
    I had hope, but it seems i am loosing it, Cesc wants to leave, Nasri wants to leave, Gervinho, Samba, Cahill, were begging to come play for Arsenal, but the board takes time to decide! Why?

    Arsenal defense is shit, Midfield has alot of players who demanding big salaries and they already think they are top flight. Why can't they be just like Wilshere, Walcott & RVP, purity and blood for the Gunners. So far, all we do is buy kids and sell them to other teams, what are we, the football factory where we create youth players?

    Before i drop tears, i hope this time Arsene Wenger really knows what he is doing!

  10. July 8, 2011 at 4:05 am #

    I think you're less 'frustrated' than impatient.

    You seem to want a WOW signing, and you want your WOW signing NOW. Neither of which makes any sense.

    As an Arsenal supporter you must realize we don't exactly do WOW signings … certainly not since we moved to the Emirates. As for the impatient bit … are you a five-year-old on the day before the day before Christmas Eve or something? Is the car not going fast enough for you? What?

    I know Liverpool and Manchester City/United are snapping up the greatest talent the country has to offer and Inter have just 'poached' some bloke you never heard of before we were linked/mooted/tracking/thought-to-be-interested-in/blah by the ever-reliable guttersnipe press, but you really ought to calm down and have a nice cup of tea. You also should avoid following the transfer market until the window actually shuts: you're just not suited for it.

    Look at Arseblog. Does he go off like a bouncy castle on a windy day every time there's a whiff of a rumour of a fiction regarding some player or other? No. Why? Because he's smart. He's been through this bollocks twice a year for as many years since windows were invented. And I'm assuming he's sane. I'm also assuming you're not (hence the cup of tea suggestion).

    Now I really ought to be shouting this, but …

    The best position to take is that everything you read about transfers is bollocks. Because statistically it's true. Or if not true so very nearly true to make no difference at all. This includes the rubbish about Cesc and Barcelona. The utter shite about Nasri. And even the hope that someone is interested in the player formally known as Denilson.

    All you need to know is that Cesc and Samir are still our players until they're not our players, and that you can still be a fan without resorting to craziness.

    If you know the media makes stuff up and behaves like callous vermin then what kind of intellect ignores these tried-and-tested 'facts' and goes all doolally day after day when something doesn't happen.

    There are fifty-something days before the TW closes. Just over a month before the season starts. Just under a week before flimsy pre-season matches grace our screens. So do yourself a favour and relax because anything else is just barking at improbable trees and chasing misleading hubcaps.

  11. Doorgunner July 8, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    Well said. Its not just that we haven't signed anybody worth mentioning its that signing are an indication of intent.That intent, in turn , encourages other players to sign and better players. My problem is that without showing intent such as Man United have we lessen that chance of signing genuinely good players.
    The other thing driving me bonkers is what the heck is going on with Gary Cahill??? Bolton say no offers! Why haven't we at least made an offer to show the fans and other potential signing that Arsenal and Wenger know where the problem is with this team i love so much, and trying at least to fix it.
    I'm huge fan of Wenger and admire totaly the style of football, proffesiolism and the building of a young team, but some his young prdigys DID not develop as well as he had hoped (Bendner, Dennilson for example) and other need more time/expereince…Djorou,Ramsey etc. But what happens in the interim? And why if we have not spent as much as available in the transfer windows do we not have sufficient funds to keep a star like Nasri at the club.
    Im a man loosing faith in Wenger.

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