Taking the Tweets: Fabregas #speedinghome

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Cesc Fabregas – #speedinghome

He may not be known for his speed on the pitch, he is in fact far more famous for his off-field activity these days. But this week Cesc has been Tweeting his speeding exploits, with a picture showing him in first place of a recent go-kart race.

He also blasted those on the English motorways not keeping up with the pace he is setting: “Why in the motorway the slower drivers are always in the middle lane when no one is on the left? :@” Tweeted the captain.

Perhaps, if the Sunday drivers of Britain would be a little less selfish, Cesc would not feel so strongly compelled to flee the country at every given opportunity! Although Germany, with its autobahn,  may be a more appropriate destination for Fabregas than his beloved Barcelona.

Robin Van Persie – #minime

Ever the faithful servant to Arsenal and the fans, Robin Van Persie felt compelled to take time out of his day when he spotted a young supporter donning his shirt.

Robin was pictured with the youngster, Tweeting: “Good choice ☺ our new future number 10”. With the number of rumours flying around the club, maybe Robin should be careful about such flippant comments.

Unfortunately the young hopeful may find that he is outside of Arsène Wenger’s desired age range, with the manager preferring to go for a lower age bracket when considering new signings.

Jack Wilshere – #officialfifaking

As previously discussed in Taking the Tweets, Jack Wilshere is the self proclaimed Fifa king, claiming to be the best Arsenal player at the game, as well as regularly bragging about dominating his friends from the armchair.

Last week Wilshere Tweeted the proof that he is the undisputed king of Fifa after it was announced that he would be on the front cover of the latest edition of the game.

It’s just a shame his moment of glory had to be shared with Wayne Rooney, I suggest a showdown battle between the two so Jack can prove he is the only Fifa king in the Premier League.

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