What does the future hold for Arsenal?

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In a time when Arsenal are subject of scepticism from football fans across the country, and the previously untouchable Arsène Wenger has revealed some chinks in the armour. Is it time for anxiety for Gunners fans? Or is it a time to sit tight and have full faith that the rocky road will soon pass.

Wenger has built up a young and undoubtedly talented squad over the years but that lure and lust for silverware in the Emirates cabinet has faltered and the pressure is settling over the Arsenal camp.

It must be difficult for the French mastermind to see the players he has moulded from rough diamonds leave him as they reach their career peaks, knowing that had that Carling Cup final been a success, and title challenges been tighter, that his stars may not have left for ‘greener’ grass.

Many away from the Emirates may have looked past the talent possessed by Messer’s Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere, Van Persie, Vermaelen and the likes.  Although Cesc and Nasri have moved on and had a wealth of skill and the quality, the chance is there for others in the squad to step up to the plate away from the odd League Cup fixture at a lowly club.

The doom and gloom that airs around the red side of north London is sure to blow past once the season kick starts and the squad is settled after the transfer window merry-go-round ends next week.

Wenger has always been a manger whose key demographic has openly been towards the future over the present, so now the question will be how well has his youth development been in the last five year. Are these unearthed players from across the globe up to the standard?  The likelihood, based on previous accounts is that they will be very good silky footballers with the energy to succeed.

Arsenal are way above others in their youth development. Clubs like Chelsea would seriously struggle if they lost theie big money owner. The investment stage that Abramovich has brought to Chelsea since he took over has overseen the collapse of their once youth bled squad.  The Gunners on the other hand remain stable with a large array of players eager to snatch their chance this season, and that is down to one man’s focus.

Under the Frenchman’s reign, Arsenal fans have rarely suffered, his side has always played the best flowing football the Premiership has seen and whilst there is a dip in circumstances, the faith must surely remain with the stalwart.

The future remains bright at the Emirates, it’s disappointing to hear disgruntled murmurs at a club which potentially has its best years ahead, particularly when UEFA introduce the financial restraints.

This season may not be up to standards of previous years, but it is the year when Arsène’s years of building must come to fruition as his new generation rise to the top.  Anybody who could think to doubt his abilities would be nothing short of idiotic especially if you look at the overall record he has achieved during his time at the club.

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2 Responses to What does the future hold for Arsenal?

  1. [email protected] August 26, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    What 'overall record' has he achieved through his developement scheme? He inherited a defence developed from Graham, that saw him through two Premiership titles and two FA Cups. He gave Merse away, and replaced him with Platt who lasted 5 minutes. He went out and bought Vierra, Petit, Overmars and The Incredible Sulk. The only one that stayed was Vierra. He “developed” none of these. The talent was already there.
    He then bought Freddie, Pires, Henry, Lehman, Toure, Lauren and got Campbell on a free. All already developed talent, all already capable of walking into any Premiership club. The “developed” talent coming up from the youth teams during these years was Cashley……………………..and………………..can't think of anyone else. Romford Pele was already there when he arrived and progressed in Wenger's first season because Merse wasn't there.
    So, Wenger bought the players that brought success. The spine of the successful team of 98 was already in place – Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Bould, Keown, Bergcamp, Wright.
    In 2004 only Cashley was “developed” talent at Arsenal.
    Since then all the “developed” players, whether from the youth academy or brought over from another youth academy (like Cesc), or bought young like RVP and Nasri, have helped Arsenal to win nothing in 6 years, becasue Wenger won't partner them with experienced players. They were all inexperienced, mentally weak when the pressure is really on, and inconsistent.
    Arsenal have the talent in the team now – RVP, Jack, Verminator, Schezny, Ramsey (not totally sure yet), Sagna (sometimes), Theo (sometimes), to be successful if partnered with experienced players. Wengers preferred player profile is talented, technically skillful and fast. Unfortunately these tend to be small, lightweight and inconsistent players. A team of these won't win anything, as has been shown over the last 6 years. He has to buy, because he can't develop, as we have seen, particularly in the most important area of all, the defence.
    I will make a prediction. If Wengers policy continues this season, or the board won't sanction buying established quality players at a price, then either he will walk this season or be pushed. Either way, by the end of this season, if there is no fundamental change in club or managerial policy, Wenger won't be here next May.

  2. [email protected] August 27, 2011 at 3:35 am #

    Bravo airydisc.

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