Taking the Tweets: Alex Song’s #dresssense

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Emmanuel Frimpong – #isthatfashion?!

Emmanuel Frimpong this week took the opportunity to share with the world evidence that money and fame really doesn’t guarantee style.

“Alex Song Decided To Turn Up with this Hat Today woooow” tweeted Frimpong, clearly so amused by Alex’s choice of headwear that he felt compelled to share it with the world. And how pleased we are that he did!

More consistent than most on the pitch, Song should perhaps stick to tackling and leave the fashion to some of his more creative team-mates.

Alex Song – #thatsnotfashion

Alex Song’s dress sense has been the cause of much debate in the last week on Twitter, with Jack Wilshere also having his say.

“What does everyone think about Alex Songs gear? #Decent or #awfull ??”, was the question posed by Wilshere in reference to Song’s ensemble.

With a rather leading binary choice tagged on the end it’s clear what Jack thinks of Alex’s latest creation.

Jack Wilshere – #offfieldactivity

Jack Wilshere isn’t even a month into his rehabilitation after an operation and already the media are on his back. It was reported this week, in The Sun, of course, that Wilshere was dealing with his boredom while out of action by throwing money at new cars.

Jack hit back through Twitter; “To the sun, the story in the bizarre section is not true! I bought a range rover because I am going to be a dad soon and need a bigger car”.

It is quite safe to say that while we miss him on the field, there will be plenty to see of Jack in the tabloids despite his absence.


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