Gooner Girlfriend: What’s tatt all about?

WTTGT Writer: Antonia “The Gooner Girlfriend” Hawken

Over the last few weeks I’ve been steadily getting back into the swing of things with regards to university. I’m in my final year, so it goes without saying that the decisions I make now (like whether to go out and booze the night away or read an article on Shakespeare) will affect the rest of my life.  That’s a pretty terrifying thought. I don’t like it, I wish it would go away, but I doubt I possess the power to do that.  Instead I do have the ability to reminisce.

It got me thinking, as one does, about all of the choices I’ve made which have led me along the path of life (how poetic, you can tell I do English). There have been bad ones, good ones, some bloody awesome ones and of course, the debatable ones. I very much believe in everything happening for a reason, and that all decisions can teach us a lesson. I suppose this mentality can be applied to Arsenal’s current performance, though I highly doubt that the hardcore fans feel justified knowing that losing the majority of games this season is for a greater reason, unknown to mere mortals. Thankfully, I’ve never done anything too ridiculous, the most adventurous I’ve been is dying my hair and piercing my ears.

The only thing I’m reconsidering at present is my use of red lipstick in everyday situations (I told you I love wearing red). I seem to have developed a bit of a habit, putting it on every time I leave the house: I almost feel naked without it. I love it, and apparently men do too.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, except for the rather crude and forward remarks I receive when I wear it whilst working behind a bar at a Premier League rugby club.  I have watched in amusement and partial disgust as men try to push their lips through the metal which indicates the bar is closed, referring to me as “lips” and commenting how the shade I’m wearing would look amazing around their…

Luckily this choice can be altered.  The ever so frequently mentioned boyfriend, however, has a bit of a secret. I say secret, it becomes pretty apparent what he’s had done when he takes his top off.

There is, on his chest a dark, medieval artillery shaped tattoo: three guesses what it is and why.  I won’t go into how it managed to plaster itself on to his front; it’s there for life and there’s really not much I can do about it.  I remember looking at it in confusion when we first started going out, not quite connecting the canon to a football side – how did I not realise the extent of his love towards the Gunners? The proof was in solid form on his body!

People often ask how I feel about it, and the answer is I’m not entirely sure.  I can’t say that I’m thrilled he has something that permanent and dark printed on to his skin, but at least it’s personal and done in the name of love.  The most aggravated I become is when trying to buy clothes for him, having to consider whether the material is thick enough to cover the ink.  Lesson – always consider fashion when getting a tattoo.

He says he doesn’t regret it, most probably still relishing in the attention he receives when he takes his shirt off (for the tattoo). I must admit that it becomes a wonderful source of creativity when a few bottles of wine have been shared between friends.  Just take one permanent marker and a stick man firing shots from the canon can usually be found the next morning.

I am curious to know whether anyone else has an Arsenal related tattoo somewhere on their body? I can’t have the only Gooner in the world who does…at least, I hope I’m not!

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  1. Darren October 18, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    It's something that crossed my mind many times. Should I or mnot? I neevr have though.

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